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Do I have to go to my gp? Lock Rss

I don't know my gp all that well as I used to see one in the city all of the time but now I just go to the one down the road, she is old and sometimes comes across to me as 'strange'...

However I have been up and down since bubs came home and there are days that are great and I think I have turned a leaf and things are going to get better but they don't and I end up feeling like *%&* and having a bad day where I don't want to get out of bed and cry all day. I seem to want to live in this perfect world where my bubs is 'perfect' so to speak....

Can I speak to anyone else??

DS born 1/7/05 (10 wks early), DS born 4/5/07

In your first instance - go to your GP - tell her everything and don't hold back on anything! If you feel you aren't getting the support you know you need then you can go to another Doctor or try the hospital you had your baby, or your child health nurse - they should be able to give you the names of Doctors who are helpful with PND!.

My experience was that the day I hit rock bottom was a saturday and my usual GP was off and I wasted $45 seeing a complete (insert the worst expletive here) doctor who did no examination - sought to refer me to a "controlled crying" clinic for Jacob and told me to "get support" for my depression. Well I won't tell you what I thought of that Dr cause I'd probably get chucked off this site for my language!!

I then waited and saw my usual gp who agreed to put me on a mild anti-D and encouraged me to find a support group for PND of which I was lucky to find and haven't looked back.

I have made changes to my lifestyle and the way I do things to help and so far so good!

I don't know what town you are in but I do encourage you that if you feel its not right and you aren't getting the support you feel you need from your current doctor then search the other doctors until you find one.

But PLEASE don't give up- I almost did after that ?????? doctor I first encountered - but you need to find a healthy balance and you need medical staff to help you!

If you need a shoulder - I'm here!

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