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How do you do it? Lock Rss

My daughter was born 8 weeks ago, she was four weeks prem and only weighed 1800 grams (3lbs13oz). i had to go up to the hospital every 3 hours for 3 weeks.unfortunately she suffers from colic so im not getting any sleep. i'm cranky all the time, everyone is telling me that i am unbareable to be around. i feel so so alone. her dad tries to help but i just end up screaming at him, even though it isnt his fault. i feel like i havent had any time to my self since she was born. i'm sick of crying and screaming but i dont know how to deal with anything anymore. i just want to smile again

Bec, Vic, 8 weeks old

Hi Bec, I couldn't imagine how it would be to have a premie. My daughter - Madison - is 5 weeks old and she is a real pain in the butt during the day, at night she's ok but its hard work. I have a 6 yr age gap between her and my son, so I have to work her around school pick up & drop offs which is hard!

I think people have to accept that these first couple of months are extremly hard and as mothers we feel it is all up to us to do it all. Do you have any other help other than her dad?

The way I get through a bad day is to look at my son, it seems like yesterday that he was a baby, it goes so quickly and this time will pass!

Now I am going to take some of my own medicine!

Sheryl, VIC, 6 yr old & 5 week old

My first was 5wks prem, regardless, with both babies the first few months are so fuzzy. With the added problems suffered with a prem I can only say hang in there because it WILL get better! I promise. Only thing is it happens so slowly (yet surely) that you might not realise, then one day you'll realise you've had a couple of good days in there, those days will become more frequent until you're actually enjoying your baby the way you'd hoped.
I went through PND and I can still say it was worth it. If you're having problems coping do yourself a favour and visit your doctor, they really can help get you through this tough time.
And if MIL is no help, she can just butt out! You need help & emotional support, not her criticism!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

Hi Bec

My daughter was born 6 1/2 weeks premmie 2600grams ( 5lb 11oz ).Even though she was a good size my daughter spent 2 1/2 weeks in SCN.Luckily my daughter doesn't have colic but like yourself i was running to the hospital everyday 2/3 times a day and live 30mins away from hospital. I know i was getting cranky,tired and stressed all the time and taking it out on my husband and my other kids tyler 5 and tahlia 3 and they did not deserve it one bit,hubby sort of understood but does take its toll.
Bec have you tried talking to your doctor or early childhood nurse mine are great up here and are very supportive.
Are you breastfeeding bub or bottle feeding?
Bec i don't know what advice to give but i am here if you would like to talk to some more and i thought our experiences were pretty similar after bubs were born so thats why i shared my story with you.
Bec you will smile again.


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