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Taking meds morning or night? Lock Rss

I'm taking Effexor which apparently doesn't cause tiredness but I am always so tired and sleeping terribly.
Do you think taking them at night would make any difference at all?
i used to take my meds at night as they gave me a headache, but i found i would have a crash mid arvo. so now i take them in the morning and no longer get headaches.

might be worth a try changing when u take them.
With my mum she was taking her anti depressant at night (which were actually keeping her up) because she was supposed to be taking them in the morning...but the directions didn't say anything............So i think it depends on which ones you're on...maybe ask you're Dr or chemist

i used to take mine in the morning but just felt blah all day so take them at night now and i'm heaps better

hi there

i'm taking effexor aswell i found taking them in the morning was best cos they kept me charged for the day, i did try taking them @ nite but they kept me awake then i was tired for the really tired the next day ( not so good when u have 2 kids)


Hi ladies

I use to take my pill at night time but i would wake up off and on all night long and just feel like crap in the morning...

So know i take in in the morning with a cup of tea and thats what has worked for me for the past four mouths..

I think you have to just try and figure out whats best for you and your body..

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