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VIC Mother baby units - werribee vs northpark Lock Rss


Need some feedback from anyone who has been to either werribee mercy or northpark mother baby unit.

I recently spent a week in werribee but had to leave due to babies (twins) being sick. A, now back on the wait list but can also probably get a bed at northpark. There were some things that happened while in werribee that I wasn't thrilled about, mainly miscommunication issues and not sure the program can offer enough support (not able to provide weekly individual therapy), so not sure about going back there, but maybe it's a case of better the devil you know?

Seriously i don't know much about werribee mercy. But i hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself you need to visit your doctor as early as possible. wish you have a safe and sound treatment. I am sure you have the guts to deal with this.
Honestly! I have no experience of werribee mercy. So I can't give you any feedback about it. But I can just hope you are fine and you are taking good care of yourself. I will pray for your treatment. Everything will be fine! Don't worry hon! Just stay positive and strong. Good luck!
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