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My partner keeps saying - well you wanted the baby. Lock Rss

Hi, this is my first time posting so please bare with me!

Our daughter is 1 weeks old today! I also have a 5 almost 6 year old son from a previous relationship.

Things have been average with settling in back home. My partner has 3 weeks off work to spend time with us & help out. He’s been helpful during the day with Mila & Cohen. But of a night seems to sleep though her waking up. I don’t mind so much but when he does wake he doesn’t offer to help.

This morning he said again for about the 4th time now, “ well you wanted the baby “ whenever I mention that I was the one up all night so he doesn’t have a lot of leg to stand on about saying he’s tired or have anything to complain about when I was up all night.

It’s starting to get hurtful & make me angry. So in reaction I said “ I’m sure your daughter would love to know her dad never wanted her “. And he was just Rude and said go for it.

How do i approach this?
We normally don’t argue & i understand everyone is exhausted but I’m the one who had the baby, I’m the one who’s up each night & i care for her quite a lot more ( part of being a mum I know )

But it’s so upsetting now.

Please help
Hello dear! Well, I don't want to be rude. But, that's really disgraceful. Your husband should really accept the gift GOD gave her. So, yeah! Well, you guys should really look out other people who can't have what you guys have. I've been trying to have a child for like 6 years...Trust me, hun! You guys are really blessed! The thing is that I can't even have it naturally...So, yeah! I'm still trying hard...This year we are going for an assisted repro procedure called IVF. We are doing it at a clinic in Ukraine. So, yeah! Wish me all the best! But, you should really learn...Make him understand that he has a gift for which millions of people crave for. It's really hard to understand...But, that's how it is...She is really the best thing that could happen to you guys. I hope you get it! Try talking him with love and respect!
Hey there Amy. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your situation. It really bothers me. It saddens my heart that a father can be like this. Didn't you both decide on having a baby. Did he say that he didn't want a child? Maybe he didn't want the responsibility. Maybe he is afraid of it. I think you should talk about it. If you both really love each other it will work out. He'll understand and accept his daughter. I hope it helps. Wishing to hear more soon. Good luck.
Hey! I'm so sorry to hear this. I know you must be really upset with his behaviour. He shouldn't do this to you. The baby is the responsibility of both the parents. He shouldn't leave you alone in this. What I feel is that he might be tired after his long day work. Maybe he wants to rest and sleep. So, he's not able to take care of her baby. I'm just assuming that. Maybe that's not right. I think you should not argue with him. Just make him sit. Talk to him softly. Like maybe arrange a sweet candlelight dinner for him one day? Make him happy first. Talk to him about how you guys started your marriage. Talk about how beautiful everything was. And then come to the point. If he responds nicely, that's great. If he still gets rude on this, then maybe he doesn't care for the baby. He might be interested somewhere else. You'll have to find this out. Good luck!
Hey there! How are you all doing? Hmm.. this one is not a toughy. He is new to all this. Help him get used to it. He will be fine after that. But hey, did he really not want a child? I mean nobody can force anyone to have a child, right> If he did it, he must want it. Maybe he fears that you will treat your daughter differently. Or maybe, he treats her differently. There could me so many things. So many possibilities. The best thing to do is talk. Sit him down and talk to him. Ask him what is going on in his mind. He is the one who can explain the situation the best.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. It really hurts me to think what you must be going through. These situations can get really hard. Please don't stress your self out. Be strong things will work out. I hope yey do. WIshing you good luck. Take care.
A daughter is a beautiful blessing from God. you guys should be thankful for her. Why is your partner behaving like this? Maybe because his sleep gets disturbed. You mentioned that he helps in the daytime, right? You guys should seriously talk this all up. People are suffering from infertility, and there are you guys. You conceived naturally and I know you love your children. But the love and effort from both side are important.
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