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  5. Does anyone else feel INVISABLE from their Partners?

Does anyone else feel INVISABLE from their Partners? Lock Rss


I just wanted to know if anyone else felt like they were totally invisable to their partners?

I feel like this most of the time except if sex is wanted.. I talk and he doesnt answer and if he does then he usually hasnt heard me (Literally)

I feel alone most of the time and when i get sad about it he usualyy gets angry at me for not being happy.

I cant show any emotion at all as i think it will just result in a fight.

Does anyone else relate?, if so i would love to chat


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi - it's funny - my hubby and I had a "discussion" about this only today. I feel like he hears me, but that he doesn't actually hear what I'm saying. Does that make any sense? Normally, either he doesn't respond to me or if he does it's just a one syllable answer.

I have a little girl who just cries constantly and I think that her crying combined with his indifferent attitude just gets on top of me. I too feel extremely lonely as I feel unheard, unappreciated and just like a door mat basically. It's as if my opinions or input just aren't valued. I normally keep quiet to avoid a verbal argument as I'm just too tired (mentally and physically). When I told him that I wasn't coping with the 3 kids I thought that he would pick his act up and start helping out more, you know, just show a bit of consideration, but he says that he thinks that I'm coping just fine and it'll get better...blah...blah....blah!!! It's as if he hasn't heard my cry for makes me feel so very alone.

I'm up for a chat (or should that be a whinge? lol) any time you want. Keep smiling... Judith

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

Hi Hayleys mum

i have a 8 1/2 week old daughter and i too feel invisible to my fiancee....

When i first fell pregnant we agreed that on weekends he would get up during the night to feed bub etc and take care of her during the days..

Well since having her he does not stick to his part...he does help out with her sometimes but on weekends hell take her 4 1hr then palm her off to me again like he can tbe bothered anymore..

It hurts me so much becoz im so physically n mentally exhausted im feeling so uposet all of the time... Everything is up 2 me..Dinner, washing for us n bub, looking after bub, dishes, cleaning (housework etc) pees me off aswell when i couldve spent the whole day cleaning in bewtween bubby n hell come home from work n mess it up in 5 mins!!!! sad . He doesnt take her wen hm from work becoz he says hes too tired..fair enough but i do need some 'ME' time sometimes...

I love my baby to bits but i am so hurt by him...

Please let me know if ud like to chat smile .

Bec xox
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