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3 weeks old...snuffly nose Lock Rss

Hi There,

I was just after some advice. My daughter has had a snuffly nose on and off since she was born. I have been using Fess Saline drops and it fixes it for a little bit but it always comes back. She is sneezing quite frequnetly and her breathing sounds quite laboured at times.

Does anyone know whether the doc would prescribe her anything or is she too young?
[Edited on 24/06/2008]

my son sounded much the same for about the first month. we always thought he was coming down with a cold. the early childhood nurse said this was normal as they have a lot of mucus in their respiritory system early on from the birth and also adjusting to breathing and drinking etc... well she made it sound more technical than that!!.

my son also sneezed a lot too. he is now 9 weeks and he seems normal now.
My 10 week old has been mucus'y and nasaly since birth, I use fess drops or the spray now nearly every feed to clear the passages so she can feed, I also use that aspirator after I put the drops or spray up her nose to get the stuff out, and get so much mucus out of her nose its revolting, she is a heavy breather, always blocked up, sneezes a fair bit too (especially after the drops) she's been like it since birth, and its been the same with my 22 month since his birth so I'm used to it... some babies are just more blocked up than others!
I am having the same problem with my little boy, he is 4 weeks old on Saturday.

I have started using eucybear rub on his chest when I put him to sleep and I also put on our vicks vaporiser in his room when he sleeps. I find this makes a big difference and seems to clear his nasal passages for a bit but still, it doenst last long term.

I have my community nurse coming out on Friday this week so I will ask her and let you know what she says.

Vaporisers are really good, you don't need to add drops either - just use it with water and it will help clear those little noses.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Thanks girls smile

She is 9 weeks old now and still going!! I bought a vicks vapouriser but it didnt really seem to help, although im going to try it with just water.

Hopefully it will disappear when the cold weather does.

This on top of reflux and wind, the poor little bugger is having a terrible time!!!

My 6 week old is the same, she sneezes constantly and snorts during feeds. I have her bassinet head elevated and use the fess thingo too and also have the vics vaporisor with no drops. Doesnt help that mum and dad have a cold too.
She also has nasty bloating/ pain from wind which is bothering her far more.
My son has same thing, he has had it since birth on and off. went to doctors its called snuffles, can last up til 6 months cause baby noses are alot smaller it clogs up more. said to use euky bearub, vapoiriser, fess drops. sorry typing with 1 hand so not going full into detail. babies breath out of their nose dont like breathing out of their mouth they mostly only breath out of mouth when crying which is why if they have a blocked nose they cry so they can breath properly which they get pissed off at. thats what doctor said last night cause dp gave me a cold and thought i might of given it to ds. also snuffles causing snorting which i think ds is cute doing with the scrunched up face.

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