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seizures in newborns Lock Rss

i would like to talk to other parents whos babys had seizures as new borns due to blood spot on their brain

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

Hi Amanda,
My little one had a seizure at 3 weeks old which scared the sh_t out of myself and hubby.
Moniques eyes rolled backed, frothed at the mouth and her hole body was jerking around and her lips were blue.
After heaps of tests and stuff on the brain, the results cam back with Epilepsie her left side of the brain and across the forehead is all abnormal.
Monique has seizures every week and is on medication for them.
I am not sure if i fit in this catergry but i thought if you would like to have a chat i am here to listen.
Take care

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