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Infant Gaviscon- do you need a script for this?? Lock Rss

As the title says..



You can purchase Infant Gaviscon over the counter but I wouldn't be using without speaking to your GP or Paediatrician first. It is not recommended for under 12 months unless under strict medical supervision.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

I bought it from the chemist and it worked wonders. Bub ds1 was screaming his head off and we couldn't work out why. He had a feed and went to sleep but woke up screaming. After a while he settled and fell asleep and woke up doing the same thing - like he was in pain in his tummy ( not poo pain either) quickly dashed to the chemist and the man said that it sounded like a heartburn sort of thing and to give it a go ( couldn't get into docs and being a first time mum i was really worried)

Anyway it worked brilliantly. you just had to mix a sachet into the milk. Settled him down pretty quickly.
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