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9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh? Lock Rss


Just wondering what everyone elses baby weighs. My little girl has just turned 9 weeks old and now weighs 6.4kg. She was 8lbs (3.620kg) at birth and is fully breastfed. She is gaining about 380-480g a week. I am getting a little paranoid that she is too big as she is like a rolly Poly. Her brothers were smaller at the same ages and one was formula fed and the other was breastfed.

I am already needing to buy her 00 clothing.

Should I be paranoid or greatful that my milk is making her happy and healthy?
my little boy is bottle fed. at 9 weeks he is also 6.4kg and was 8 pd 1 at birth 3.67kg. he is very long 65cm and is also wearing 00 clothes. i think i'll have to put him up in 0 soon as he wears cloth nappies and they take up a heap of room. hard to say if bub is overfed as not sure how long she is, but be assured there are others out there that weigh the same!

robert 15 feb 06 qld

From what I have read you cannot really overfeed a breastfed baby and normal gains are 150g-450g a week - average (total gains over a 4 week period divided by 4).

My DS was 4800g at 4 weeks 3 days and he was only 3280g born, thats a growth of 1520g. Plus a little more if you take into account the initial weight loss. Two of these weeks he gained 550g!! But on average it makes it around 350g a week. He is breastfed and happy.

The most important thing is that they are consistent accross the growth charts for weight, height, head circ.

Keep up the good work smile .

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

Hi Belle,
Joshua is a big rolly poly too!!! He weighed 6.4kg at 9 weeks. The clinic sister said with all breast feed bubs they will get the chubby weight off when they start moving around so don't worry too much. Aiden was smaller than his brother and wasn't in 00 until 3-4months!!
Brody was born little at 6 pound 7 and has been bottle fed since hospital. He now weighs 5.3 kilos at 11 weeks.

Tania ~ VIC ~ Baby Boy ~ Brody ~ Born 14.02.06

hello my baby is 4 months next monday. he weigh 4 1/5 kgs maybe nealy 5kgs.

k.j mum of 3 kids under 3

My eldest was 7 pound 13 born and was totally breastfed when I was first told that she was severely overweight. The nurse and I changed her to formula but she continued to gain too much weight and was clinically obese before she turned 1. She is now seeing an endocronologist who cannot tell us why she has been overweight for so long. My middle daughter was born 8 pound 14 1/2 but did not gain extra weight and now at age 4 is a very strong and althletic child who is not overweight despite starting out looking like the michelan man's baby girl. My youngest daughter was born 9 pound 11 1/2 and at 4 weeks weighed 5.5kg already. We have been warned that she may be like my first daughter despite being entirely breastfed. The point of my story is that sometimes these things just happen and there is nothing that can be done. All three of my girls are being raised the same way on the same foods and they have all started differently and my elder two are continuing that trend. As long as they are healthy and happy that is all that counts.

Carrie - 9yrs, Taylah - 4yrs, Rebekah - 0

hey all

my bubs is formula fed and at birth she was 3.54kg and at exactly 6wks she weighed in at 5.3kg. as long as your baby is puttng on weight, i think they are healthy...
My first child, a baby boy, is 9 1/2 weeks old and 14 lbs 6oz, or 6.52 kg. He is fully breastfed on demand and in 6-9 month old clothing! He is constantly feeding and not sleeping through the night yet. Plunket told me that as soon as he starts moving he will lose weight, so I would not worry too much about your daughter! She sounds perfectly healthy too me.

jal, NZ, 9 week old baby


When my DD was 5 wks she was like 5 1/2kgs. Not a prob, she has never looked fat. She is now 14 months and 13kgs, still doesn't look fat!!

Chubba bubbas are great! Keep up the good work!!
my baby was 2.5 kg when he was born (2weeks early) he is now 5 weeks and a little over 4 kg. he's a little chubba he is breast fed and only on emergencies is given formula. generally breastfed babies tend to be bigger than formula fed because of the natural nutrients.

I know how your feeling. My little girl was 8lb 14oz (4034kg) at birth and everyone said how big she looked. I was really crushed because I thought she was tiny. She has continued to put on about 230g a week and is slowing down to about 140g.
DD is now 13wks and weighs 5.9kg and is 62.5cm long, and is fully breastfeed.

My maternal nurse and says that DD is doing fanatsic (which put my mind at ease).
I think your little one is doing great and you should be proud that you have such a fantastic milk supply.

All babies are different and as long as your DD is happy and content than I think you shouldn't worry too much.

Cheers smile

Cherie, mum to 2 beautiful girls

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