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9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh? Lock Rss


My little boy Lachlan will be 7 weeks old this Saturday and currently weighs 6.4kg (14pound 2ounces). He is a big healthy boy, very long with the most gorgeous chubby cheeks - but he is not a fat baby. He is going to be a big boy. He was born a week early and weighed in at 4.2kg - had by c-section.

He is currently wearing 00 clothing as well and has grown too big for the newborn nappies.

I began breastfeeding but changed to bottlefeeding after the first couple of weeks because I wasn't producing enough milk for him. He now drinks around 180ml each feed.

Mummy to Lachlan and Leah

hi my baby is almost 7.5 months old now and he was born at 3.5 kgs and he now weights just on 6.8 kgs. He was though like your baby and putting on heps of weight early on so mbye this is normal as both my boys puton weight early but then slwoed down as my 2.5 year old weights just on 10 kgs now! Dont stress to much your doctor will tell you if you need to worrie at each of her check ups and imunisations so until then try not to stress but if you are worried go see a doctor of chld health nurse.

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

hi my lil girl is 4 weeks old and weighs 4740g, she was born 9pd 3oz i dont no if thats normal weight but it depends on the bub

claires going to be a big sister in oct

my little man was 5 pound 15 ounces when he was born he is now 7 weeks and weighs 10 pound 2 im very pleased but they grow so fast

Tameika Tas 6 year old 2 year and 26 weeks pregnan

My 6 week old weighs 5.5kg! He has gained the weight so fast and my arms are killing me. lol.
He was born 7lbs 10 and is gaining about half a pound a week.
I have a 6 week old who weighs 4.7 kilos.. she is fully breastfed & was 3990 grams born...

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

hi belle,
well i'm a lil bit concerned, see Ethan weigh 3.4k when born, and today he was weigh by the early childhood nurse, and he weigh 3.14 without clothes, she says that hes under his birth weigh by 40g.
Ethan is fully breast fed and on demand every 3 hourly, but he only sucks for 10-20 minutes and even if i tickle him he falls a sleep at the breast, i dont know what else to do so he puts back his weigh, except the nurse suggested to feed him for longer up to 30 mins but how do i get him to keep sucking for that longer?
another nurse is coming back saturday or sunday to weigh him againg( their specting him to have regained his birth weigh) i'm scared he wont make it.
also during the evening my milk supply is low, the nurse suggested for me to have a napp after luch as to increase my milk supply, but i'm already drinking plenty of fluid, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Patty, Sydney.


My second baby (boy) is 9 weeks as well and weighs 6.3kg. He's breastfeed - the maternal nurse said that this was perfectly fine and I should be happy that he's growing so well - he was 8.2pd when born. I was also getting a bit paranoid about this giant newborn in 00 - my first was premmie and didn't reach this weight until 5 months!!

Alicia, NSW, mum to Max & Hunter

Hey ,

My daughter was 7pds 9oz (3.424kg) born. We went for a check-up today, she is 2weeks 2days (16days) she now weighs 4.150kg. Very shocked that she has put on so much weight. I hope she starts feeling out-she was so tiny born.
She is fully bottle-fed!


Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

I have a 9 month old son who was born 2340grams and is now 7kg...the complete opposite problem.

Mum to Harrison-Born at 34 weeks

My son is 10wks tomorrow was 4.69kg born got sick and lost 600g but now at 10wks is 6.22kg he is bottlefed has 6-7 bottles a day total 1400mls only surpose to be on 900mls but is happy so not worried even thought the health nurse told me today to be careful he does not get to fat

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

my daughter is 7 weeks old, and weighs 2.99kgs. she was 7 weeks premature as well.

Alana Michelle 15.3.07

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