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Dear mums,
I had my son 2 days ago and he was delivered with vacuum suction. Since he was born, he is having trouble feeding and crying a lot because of his sore head. I am really worried when he is going to feel better. It's so sad to see him cry and I feel so helpless. Did anyone have this experience and how long does it take to heal and any advice what I should do in meantime. Our dr gave him sucron( sugar) supposed to help his pain but I don't think it's helping. I just want him pain free. Thanks
I would definately take him to a cranial osteopath who is well known / experienced with children.
Hey there, yes I had my son 5 months ago and he too was sucked out with a vacuum extraction, his head was bleeding, the skin was all tore off, he had bad bruising also in a ring shape, it was one of the worst injurys they'd seen at the canberra hospital due to vacuum extraction, the strange thing is though my son didnt even seem to notice it, at all, he was fine but it looked horrible. It's mostly superficial, it looks worse than what it is. Bub might not be crying because of he's head he may just be being a newborn.
Definately get the nurses and or doctor to double check it, but it will heal. Just make sure the area stays clean, doesn't get anything in it, and don't wash it until its formed a scab, to stop any germs from getting in the wound. My sons was very bad and he healed fully in about 6-8 weeks. He had a massive scab on his head for ages but then it healed fine, he still has a round scar on his head now at 5 months and probably will forever but won't matter when he grows hair, he's scar is very sensitive too, if water touches it or he goes in the sun even for just a minute it goes bright red in a big circle patch.
But don't worry it will heal, my sons was a bad injury and he healed in 6-8 weeks. Just try to avoid an infection, that's the main thing, don't let anyone touch it even yourself, don't put creams or anything on it. Just let it be. And congrats on your new baby, his head will heal.

My son needed vacuum assistance (he was a big baby). He had a sore head with a big bump as well as a sore neck & shoulders (he was pretty much pulled out lol poor boy).
He was very unsettled & easily "offended" so I took him to a Bowen therapist. I highly recommend it. It is like a very gentle massage but has a amazing results (I have been for bowen treatment myself or I would never had known how good it is!). I take him back whenever something bothers him eg teething
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