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Scratches on baby's face Lock Rss

Today I walked around town with my dd in the baby carrier, little did I know that her face was being badly scratched by a piece of hard velcro on the carrier. She never cried and stayed asleep and so I was horrified when I tilted her head to the side and found blood on her top and the scratches on her face. It looks like the cat has had a few swipes at her. Is there anything I can put on her face that can help heal the scratches without making her face sting? I am so scared that they may become infected and scar. I really feel like a crap mum because I did'nt realise she was being hurt in the carrier.sad
hello littlejordan..

Never feel like a crap mum because we all do our best to look after a precious ones and theres only so much we can do.... my daughter use to always scratch her face and now i haveto keep mittens on her and keep her nails short..!
i dont know if this is ok to use but maybe dettol.??? but i think you should get secong opinion because im a new mum and still learning everyday..!!


I wouldn't worry too much about putting anything on the scratches as long as they are clean. Sometimes creams can introduce infection, so generally with scratches and scrapes it is best to keep them clean just with a bit of sterile saline and a gentle cloth. The great thing about little bubbas is that they heal super fast. You probably won't hardly even see them in a few days.

Don't worry sweetie we have all had situations like these and will probably have more, part of being a parent unfortunately.
You are NOT a crap mum

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I would have probably used Bepanthen on it. And I would be contacting the manufacturer of the carrier and tell them of your experience. I hope your dd is ok now smile

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

Dont feel bad. It is not your fault, these little things do happen! We cant wrap them in cotton wool!!
You could try Lucas Paw Paw cream, this can be used on cuts and wounds. It is a great product. You can also use it on nappy rash. It will fix it in no time.
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