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hiccups Lock Rss

hi all...
does n e one know how to stop the hiccups?
my baby hoes on for ages~~~

when m baby gets the hiccups i give him a little bit of milk and they stop.

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My DD didn't like it, she made it known too! LOL

But Shana is right, it didn't cause her any discomfort, I think she just got frustrated by it.

I found there wasn't much I could do to stop them anyway. I just left her and they always went away on their own after a little while.
Nothing can really be done to stop it..i think most babies hiccup alot..i know my daughter did(now 4yrs)and our baby boy(11 weeks old tomorrow!)also seems to hiccup alot too

Im sure its just as uncomfortable for them as babies as it is in us as adults..but it doesnt last for long luckily!

Perhaps try and feed a little more,or give them a dummy to regulate breathing,settle them down for a sleep etc

Just as they had the hiccups in your tummy,they continue to do it now too

Austen James,11 weeks old tomorrow!
Hiccups in babies can actually be a tired sign. It is with my bub, and when I mentioned it to the other mums in mother's group, they have since seen it's true for their's too.


putting my baby down for a little bit of tummy time always seemed to do the trick

robert 15 feb 06 qld

gripe water stops them instantly. My girlfriend told me about it, and it works a treat. My DS hates them as well.

Nicole, QLD, Teegan and Tyrell

I pop my daughter on the boob for a quick feed and it stops them after a minute or so.
yeah my son can go for like 30mins with the hiccups. there is no way to surely stop the hiccups because it is an uncontrolable reflex. i just let him go, they stop eventually and he doesn't seem to mind.
I wait until they are not so violent and then feed him a little. Always works =)

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