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has anyone had an operation..... Lock Rss

to correct a fissure?i had my baby 12 weeks ago and only finally got enough courage to go to the docs to be checked out as i had a 3rd degree tear and was still sore...she said that i had a fissure and i will need surgery to cut it out and re-stich so nervous i broke down into tears. she said that i will not be awake for the surgery. im not so keen on that as im scared i wont wake :S i asked if i could just have a local and she said its a possibility...
has anyone had this? im really afraid i dont want it done but i know it has to be!
amanda xo
Are you scared of going under general anesthetic?
I did for having my wisdom teeth removed. All I remember was counting then the next thing I know I am waking up in recovery. I think I'd rather go to sleep than lie there awake while they did their stuff.I wouldn't worry, if you're young (ie not 100) and healthy then there's nothing to worry about.
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