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whats your 3 1/2 - 4 month old doing Lock Rss

Hi all my bub is almost 4 months old (one week to go) but not being around other babies im not sure where she should be at in terms of development and things she should do. Ava can roll from tummy to back, smiles, laughs, talks alot, hits toys, hold her neck completely and thats it, is that what everyone elses is doing? PLEASE reassure me!!

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Sounds like she is on track. Isabella is almost 4 months and she rolls from her back onto her tummy (almost going from tummy to back), laughs and giggles, reaches out and bats at things and trys to grab, very verbal, strong neck and prefers to be propped up to lying down.

I checked what my first DD was doing at the same age and it is exactly the same.
hey avas mum!!did i e-mail u back?i have a terrible memory,sorry if i didnt but im sure i did?hmmmm!

ive wondered this too...caden is just over 3 months and he smiles, laughs, talks, holds his neck really well, has rolled from tummy 2 back a couple of times, he will hol his bottle but cant quite get it right most of the time and will pull it out and not know how to get it back in!and just the other day he grabbed my hat, then not long after that he grabbed at his pretty sure thats wot they should be doing at this age. anyones babies doing more?
My baby girl Rayyan is doing all of the above except rolling from tummy to back. Should I be worried? How can I encourage her to do this?
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