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Did you go to your 6 week check up?? Lock Rss

My second DD is 4 weeks and i don't know if i should go to my 6 week check. I'll take her to the Child Health Nurse at 6 weeks anyway and they do the same check as the Dr, it will just be me that wont get i really need to be checked????? I feel fine and my bleeding has stopped.
I would rather spend $80 on something else.

Did you go to yours????

Thanks in advance.

Na I never went to mine with ds.I had a straightforward birth with no tearing or anything so I didn't really feel like I needed to.Like you I would rather spend that money on something else!

hi there,

I would still recommend getting your 6 week check up. Your 6 week check up is meant to be fully funded i just learnt in my pregnancy and childcare course.
My second baby is due 4 weeks and I am going for the 6 weeks check up cause I have a bad history of cells that can turn into cancer so I am always getting check out just make sure I am fine.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I was told to go to my 6 week checkup because there are somethings a Health Nurse can't check. Apparently a couple of weeks after bubs are born there's something that happens with a valve in their heart and the dr has to check to make sure it is closed or something? Anyway, I would go just to be sure.
I went to mine with DD and she didn't actually do anything just talked to me for a second so it seemed a little like a waste of time. I will probably go this time though as i'll be due for a pap smear and will need to discuss contraception anyway.
i took my dd for her 6 week check up to our dr and am also going to take her to the clinic for her 6-8 week check next week, but i didn't go for my self, i had another caesarean and it got infected a week after the birth of my dd so was in and out of drs room for a few weeks after the birth to see how i recovered after the round of antibiotics and i recovered well, i feel fine now so didn't think i need to...but definetly went to dr for my dd..

If you don't feel you need to go, then don't. You know your body and yourself better then anybody else. Do you feel you need somebody to tell you your fine? If all is good, then there is little point is there? He can't say anything to contradict you as you are the one that is going to be telling them what is up with you!

Never heard of the heart valve closing issue and I wonder how a gp can check that instead of a chn or midwife. Lots of women don't get a 6 week check up from their GP and I don't see why they would only train a gp to do a specific routine check when there are multiple health pros that do the same check up...
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