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Caring for Stiches Lock Rss

Can any1 give me some advice on how to heal for some very very sore stiches... they arnt swallon anymore just really painful!

The thing everyone told me to try to ease pain and help them heel was a warm salt bath.
You can did it as often as you like too unlike medication.

Hopefully you start feeling better

Hi, I agree with Joanne1977 a nice warm salt bath does the trick. I had stitches with DD1 and I would have a bath about 2-3 times a day for 10-15 mins. You don't have to do it that oftern just atleast once a day and make sure your nice and dry afterwards.

Hope they feel better soon.

Keep your stitches as dry as possible.. i used the hair dryer on a low heat after my showers and healed fine!

I did everything the other posters mentioned & also used iceblocks. I froze condoms filled with water & the popped them inside a pad that I'd opened up. They say it's meant to help with the swelling, but I found it helped with pain equally as well!! Numbs it a bit!!

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