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Did you lose your baby weight?? Lock Rss

I've put on about 10kilos since falling pregnant, but it's all just bump, haven't gotten bigger anywhere else, so wondering whether i'll be back to the size i was, minus the beer belly cause i haven't had a beer in a long time!!

So did anyone else go back to the same size/weight they were before being pregnant ??

I was all belly, well I was more torpedo shaped lol! I had twins and put on 14kgs all up but all belly. Best thing about twins is the 2nd baby takes all the extra weight lol! I started out at 50kgs and went back to same weight within about 4 months. Luckily I had no stretchmarks, don't know how I got away with that because I stretched alright!! I was huge! Breatfedding helped a lot I think and also plain old genetics. I have been told 2nd pregnancies are harder on your body?
I thought I was mostly bump!! Turns out after DS was born, my hips were ENORMOUS!! LOL Guess you don't notice it when your tummy starts expanding! I had 4-5 more kgs of weight to lose before I got back to my pre pregnancy weight but was really aiming for 3-4 though, we're pregnant with #2, so will miss out on that now! So I'm 5kgs heavier at the start this time & a little worried, but I'll just take it as it comes. Part of growing a little bub inside you! I have heard too that the 2nd one is harder to shift........we're only planning on having the 2 though, so maybe I'll be more motivated after Pickle arrives! smile

I went back to the same size & I lost all my weight. I put on 23kgs, but I was holding alot of fluid aswell... but i still say I have 2-3kgs to lose cause I felt uncomfortable & was about to start a diet & going to the gym when I found out I was pregnant.

I excercised on average 3 times a week (started when DD was about 4mths), but I was not strict with my diet. Once I started exercising it took me about 4 mths to lose those last kgs.

Im pregnant again & i know I will have to be a bit stricter and get back into exercise to lose the weight again.

Once thing I noticed was that all my weight shifted, I have a bit more weight in my belly than I used to & my boobs never went back to normal size..
i started at 62kg (i cant believe i use to whinge about how i looked at that size!)

with ds i put on 23kg kg (ate crap). lost 15kg of that withing the first few months.

so i was 70kg with dd and put on another 23 kg (ate healthy). lost 16kg within the first few months and have had to work at it to get back down to 70kg.

now i have to work alot harder to get down to 62kg.
I put about 10kg on with each of my pregnancies and lost it within a couple of weeks of having them. But then after DD2 I started eating heaps of junk and not exercising and put it all back on.
i gained 17 kgs and lost bugger all straight after. maybe 5 kilos?
it took me until bub was about 7 months to lose the majority of it even though i was eating well and breastfeeding.
im still 4kgs over my pre-pregnancy weight but i dont think ill ever get back to what i was as i was TINY
I put on about 19kg with DD, lost 14kg of that within the first 6 weeks. Then started back at Weight Watchers and lost the remaining 5kg plus an extra 1kg within another 4-6 weeks. So within 3 months of her birth i was 1kg lighter than i was pre-pregnancy (61kg). However my body shape had changed.
So far this pregnancy i have put on 11kg.

I only put on 7kg in my pregancy, so was all baby!

I lost that straight away, but have since started gaining weight sad Still waiting for breastfeeding to help me to loose weight lol!

I only put on 7kg in my pregancy, so was all baby!

I lost that straight away, but have since started gaining weight sad Still waiting for breastfeeding to help me to loose weight lol!

Much the same here, though I put on a tiny bit more than that. I was 63 before and I only got to about 74kgs but lost a few kilos in the last few weeks due to GD. The diet (if you can call it that, I actually had to eat a lot MORE than usual!) seemed to agree with me. I'm went back to 63ish very quickly but am now about 65 (whoops!) and still BFing.
I was a larger lady when we first got pregnant with Tim. 113kgs
During pregnancy one I got up to 136kgs so gained 23kgs, I was huge! (but i did eat crap and whatever I liked, took eating for two to heart when I didnt have too) Paid for it after.
After the birth I lost 12kgs within days and still had a heap of weight due to fluid retention which disappeared within two weeks. But still have the last 5kgs to shift so I was at 113kgs again.

This pregnancy, even though morning sickness was tripley as bad, I lost 7kgs with it. So going into the second trimester I was 2 kgs less than when we feel pregnant the first time.

Was great!!
I get weighed again at midwife appt on 3rd of June. So should be interesting to see what I am then.

To be perfectly honest you should exercise everyday for 30 mins and eat healthy during your pregnancy and not be concentrating on weight gain, this is the one time in your life, where it's beautiful and sexy to be big, so enjoy it. Just don't do stupid things like eat crap.

I put on 14kg all up for both my pregnancies

I wasn't all 'belly'! My butt and thighs got a share of the gain too tongue

I lost around 7kg after delivering bub.

I'd lost the other 7kg within 2mths just from BFing and going for a walk every day
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