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When Grandma Doesnt Want To Be Called Grandma? Lock Rss

Hello this really hurts for me to type but here goes. My husbands grandma hasnt came to visit us cause i had a baby girl. We kept telling her while i was pregnant that there was a better chance of it being a girl, but no she said its a boy. Its been 5weeks and still no phone call no visit just a pressie given to someone else to give to us. Its killing my husband as she rasied him alittle well when he was on school hoildays he would go up and stay with her. And now the second problem, my husbands mum doesnt want to be called grandma, shes 44 and is going back to uni now. Has left her husband and hanging around with stupid hippy girls. She says shes too "young" to be called grandma so she wants to be called "tatt ta" which means grandma in arabic. (my bg is lebanese my husband's is australian/scottish) She wants to be called "tatt ta" cuz when shes called that she doesnt feel so old. What should i do?

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

I'm sort of in two minds about this myself. I'm due with me second any day now.

This is the first child to my current partner, (I have one from another relationship, and he has 4 from his previous).

My parents are called Grandma & Poppy, but his parents are called "Grandad & Rene"

His mother's name is Irene and is called "Rene" for short by her other grandchildren. I think its a bit odd that they dont call her grandma, but that's what their use to. My husband never called his grandmother "Grandma", he had a nickname for her too "Ginga".

I'm OK with that, but my parents will always be "Grandma & Poppy"

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

I'm so sorry to hear you are upset especially when you should be so happy with your baby girl.
Can I suggest taking a really really cute photo of your baby and sending it to your husband's grandma as a momento? She might come around to realise that the baby is special and beautiful whether boy or girl.
My mum didn't want to be called Grandma either, so she is now Mama while I'm Mummy. My bg is chinese and Grandma in chinese is Por Por... sounds a whole lot stranger than Tatt Ta!
I hope things work out for you.

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

I would send her a photo too, and maybe a little thank you note for the gift. being pleasent is the best response to nastiness.
As for calling Grandma tatt ta, does it really matter what she is called? Maybe you could both agree on something short like nan or something. My mum is called a varitey of names, my neice, who lives interstate calls her "other nana". My son call her nan, my nephew calls her ma. I think she is being really silly about demandind to be called tatt ta. It is an honor to be a grandparent and she should be a bit more greatful. Tell her to act her age, because she is old enough to be a grandma.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi there im 19 and have a 14 week old boy. When i told my mother i was pregnant she said see was too young to be a grandma so we decided on 'Ma' as for some reason thats what i used to call her from when i could speak my father is called Poppa Mouse as his nickname is mouse, from my fiance's side they are alot older than my parents so they're happy with nanna and Poppa. Everyone's different dont let it get to you. I understand "tatt ta" is very different but im sure she'll come around to her senses if 'tatt ta' is is beggers cant be choosers.


aren't you worried that your baby boy will confuse Mum and Ma?...or will he call you something else?...


Liam Evan, 2

hi there thanks for the concern my bubs will call me mum, and call my mother ma.


Cheers Simone,
I'm glad you and your Mum could agree, my husband is adopted and has just been contact with his birth other, and now has two nans and a granny!...and two grandads!

if he's anything like my son, he will only say Dad Dad anyway!!...
so, when Mum is the one who looks after them all day!


Liam Evan, 2

Ive always called my granny 'grumpy granny' as she was always grumpy at my grandad, the whold family calls her it (and she loves it coz she always has a smile on ehr face when she hears you say it)

Aimee, 4 year old princess

My Mums the same, she doesnt want to be called Grandma, Nanna or any of the other usuals. At first it was annoying, but really, does it matter? Let her be called what she wants its not hurting anyone is it?
My Mum wanted to be called DIDI which is Napalese for Older Sister, or a respectful term for an older lady. No biggie, at least my daughter could say it.
She has now decided she wants to be called Grandma-Jo as she decided that Didi made her sound like a Highschool cheerleader. So for now its Grandma-Jo.
dont know what its going to be next, but Im sure DD will end up calling her what she wants to call her anyway.
I agree with Elorasmum

Both my mum and my Fiancés mom did not want to be called nana or grandma as on both sides there is already a grandma and a nana, and they both thought they were too young, mind you my fiancés mother is 50 but each to their own, we respected their feelings on it and let them all decide what they wanted to be called. My parents are Mimi and Pa and on my fiancés side they are Me Me and Daddy Mac. I’m sure DD will also call them what ever she feels like calling them also smile


i have the same problem! only with my own MUM??? i dont know why, but for some reason she doesnt want to be called grandma at first she wanted to be called Omar, because she heard it once and liked it! i just decided im going to train my baby to call her SEAGULL because she always whinges and sounds like a seagull when she naggs us all the time! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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