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My 8 week old DD was put on gaviscon last week for reflux and since then she has been having bad wind and now we're back where we were when she was about 3-4 weeks old with her sleeping, only worse. She had been waking three times a night for a feed, but going straight back to bed once finished, rarely needing to be settled and when she was it was very quick.

Now, I can spend anywhere from 40mins trying to settle her. At the start she seems to be in pain, so I rub her belly, bicyle her legs and do everything I can think of to get the wind out. She will go to sleep in my arms but once I've put her in the cot she'll wake up and cry. Sometimes she wakes up as I am putting her in, other times I will make it back to bed before she starts again. Eventually it seems that she just doesn't want to go in the cot, but I am not sure.

I'm worried I am forming bad habits for her, because I do pick her up eventually ... I am just so tired, frustrated and the last two nights have felt really ill as well. I try and calm her, then put her back but she gets worked up as soon as I put her in. I am getting to the point where I am in tears and just don't know what I can do.

What am I doing wrong? I really need help, I'm at my wits end!

Oh my god are you my long lost twin! I am having exactly the same problem but have not been to the doctors yet to confirm if its reflux or colic! You poor thing! It sounds like you are doing everything you can so don't blame yourself. I will be very interested to see what response you get cos it might help me too!
Hang in there chicky! I'm sure that someone on here will be able to help you but if you ever need to vent, PM Me

Mummy to Lily

You are not alone...I was there...and I'm sure many others will write just like I have.

I don't know if you are breastfeeding (I can only suggest ideas in this area if your bottle feeding some other Mum will pick up this area)I feed on cue which could mean a lot in the day but if you do that it seems to be less in the takes a few nights to get into the swing.

You are not forming bad habits...she's your baby and she needs your love...yes you are tired.

For us we looked at the Dr Sears web site which also has a few videos to watch on what to do with settling your bubba
Follow this link to get a few different ideas

We were also recomened by our Doc to sleep with in arms reach as our DD just did not settle well with out touch. (This ment I didn't have to get out of bed to feed or resettle.) Once we did that as she could hear us and I could just put an arm over into her cot to touch her we were all fine...again a few nights just to get used to it.

On many parenting help sites it also suggests "babywearing" this really seems to help with wind/colic/reflux. Two Mum's in my coffee group have their little ones in a wrap or a pouch (sling thingy) and swear by it. (we didn't know about babywearing until we were past that colic stage...dam..oh well next time)

Wishing you luck

Don't feel bad about attending to your bub, she is crying for a reason and needs you.

We had problems with our DD (now 10 wks) and our CHN suggested putting the cot in our room with the side off and jammed up against the wall so it won't move. We used to have DD in our bed but I was always worried about DH rolling on her, he likes to try to have his arm across her head and I had to hit him away a few times a night. So having the cot up against the bed was great as I could easily bring her into bed for a quick feed and put her back in the cot to sleep in her own space. She sleeps so well now (except last night, argh!) that we have moved the bed away about 6 inches and put the rail back on. She can still hear us and I can easily reach over to resettle her if she needs it.

I also Babywear during the day as she won't sleep without me. I found it very frustrating that I couldn't get anything done during the day and used to cry alot and at times want to walk out and never come back. But I realised one day that DD has reflux so she is just a high-needs baby and I had better get used to it. I think what frustrated me the most was that I expected to be able to get her to sleep on her own and when she wouldn't I would feel like a failure. I now accept that I will have to carry her from morning till night and I need to work around that. Since I came to this understanding (a few days ago) I have been much happier and can handle the times that she cries much better. I know that she isn't doing it to ruin my day, it's just the way she is. My hubby and family also need to accept that I can't always cook and clean and if they have a problem with that then they can shove off or help out.

I also found out that DD has food intolerances like DS and I and since changing my diet things have improved on the reflux front.

I am not a fan of controlled crying/comforting as we tried this with DS and I believe that it made him very clingy. I tried putting DD in her cot and comforting her to sleep (without picking her up) and things seemed to improve for a couple of days, but then she started to get really distressed and I could see the same thing happening with her as with DS so I stopped.

I really think that if you are going to pick her up eventually anyway, then why not pick her up when she starts crying rather than waiting till she is really distressed.

I also like the Dr Sears website, and I go to the ABA site alot too.

Co-sleeping and babywearing isn't for everyone so you really need to go with what works for you and bubs.

All the best.

Mum to Angus (4) & Abby (Aug 07)

Oh yes the side car cot...I really wish we had one!
I've just tried to get the link for you but can't to seem conect (might just be blond/mummy brain at mo)

I've got a photo on my blog...

Hey did u know gaviscon can be really constipating in infants so this might be the cause of her discomfort?
Try a little brown sugar in boiled water (it works! CHN reccomended it)...or ask you doc about switching to something different (gaviscon is apparently not a long term meidcation for reflux- thats what i was told anyway- as it has a very high salt content).
My son went on Losec and didnt seem to have any sideeffects.
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