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Sleeping bag Rss

Hi all,

I just bought a sleeping bag for my daughter and put her in it for the first time about 3 nights ago.

However, she spent the next hour grunting and wriggling and generally being restless. as I normally swaddle her for her sleeps, I got up and did that....she then slept for the next 5 hours.

I am thinking she wouldn't/couldn't sleep because her arms were free and unswaddled. Has this happened to anyone and did you do anything that helped get them used to the sleeping bag? The one I have is a Bubbaroo and is sleeveless.
You are prob right about the arms thing keeping her awake.

I slowly introduced Mason to the world of sleeping bags. I use to swaddle him with one arm out, then two, and then we tried out the sleeping bag.

I only "experimented" during the day. He was fully swaddled at night until he got use to it.

Someone else on this forum tucked her bub's hands into the sleeping bag at first. Maybe you can try that too? smile

Hope that helps smile
like one of the other girls mentioned i put my son's arms inside the bag and zipped him in. They can still move their arms a little but not flailing so it gets them used to not being as restricted. I did this 4 about a week then 1 arm out 4 a week then the other. Now during the day he is just out no beg or wrapping which is great for our hot climate. Oh a hint.... i had to peg the armholes closed as my little mister found his way to breaking his arms out pretty quickly. Good luck
I've jsut started experimenting with the Grobag on my little tyke and will do the same with the Poke.

However, the last two days he's been a little bit unsettled so I've gone back to the wrap at the moment ie retreat to what I know settles him instantly.

I was zipping him up with his hands in, but he managed to get his hands out through the neck space. He hasn't figured out the arm holes yet. Howver, hopefully when I get the Poke.I might not need to worry about that yet.

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