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Just need to tell somebody! Rss

Hi everybody
Iam a little excited this morning my 2mth old daughter just slept through the night, she slept from about 9 last night to 6-30/7 this morning.
Sorry to all those who are not so lucky I know i am gloating but I just had to share the news.


Yasmin, WA, 2yr old & 7 mth old

Hi Yasmin smile

Good on you! I would be gloating too, if my boy slept all night!!
Did you wake up feeling refreshed from the sleep? Or did u still wake to check on her anyway? wink lol.
And when my lil man finally sleeps ALL night...I'll be sure to post and gloat too!! lol smile
Take care! Tina smile

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

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