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what to do?? Lock Rss

about less than a month ago i moved caden from his basinette to his cot.he wasnt sleeping well at all so i put the basinette in his cot, and he has been sleeping like that for a few weeks now with no problems. he is getting way 2 nig for the basinette and in the night all i can hear is him wriggling around,and when i get up to him in the morning his head is right against the cane and hes a bit twisted! so obviously its time for the cot, but he wont sleep well in it at all! we were going from 6:30-1, then 1:30-5:30 then another hour and we get up. but now hes in the cot he will sleep 7-11, 11:30-1, 1:30-3, 3:30-5, and wont go back to sleep after that! im absolutely shattered!it didnt bother me when he was a newborn, but now i have to drag myself out of bed.even if i put the dummy in and give him a rock he wont go back to sleep. what do i do?! will he eventually go back to his old sleeping pattern??
hi amanda, I had the opposite effect when i moved both my boys to a cot. and again when i moved ash to a bed. All i can think of is the change is threatening to him. have u got an anti roll pillow? Dylan had one in the cradle and i didnt use it in the ot, but maybe u could use one to make him more snug ( like the bassinet) or if hes too snug, maybe give him some room? i duno, but all i c an say is its hard getting up, but if u give in now he will win and u will be up ll night for ages. BE stroing and eventually his habits should go back to nrmal. normallly and type pf chnage can disrupt sleeping habits such as sleeping at someone elses house, holidays or a new bed.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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