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HELP 12 hours between feeds for 2 days now!! Rss

My almost 9 week DD has for the past two nights had 11 and 12 hours between feeds overnight.

I know some of you are saying 'what are you worried about your so lucky!!' but I'm not sure that this is a good thing.

I gave her a bottle at 7pm then she stayed awake till about 11pm and sleept through till 0630am. Then last night the bottle was at 730pm and she played till 10pm, fell asleep at 1030pm and woke me at 730am for a bottle.

During the day she is only having 4 bottles. One at wake up, between 600-730am, then one around 1000-1100am, then between 200-400pm and finally around 700-800pm.

Is she still getting enought 'food' to keep her healthy???? I know that if she wanted more she would ask but I still worry. At the moment she is 58cm and 5.5kg so she's not underweight or anything but everything I read say's she should be on at least 5 bottles per day.



NSW DS Dec 1997 & DD Jan 2006

Hi Val,

I think you are doing fine. Its quite ok to let them go through the night as you are, but if you are uncomfortable with the 12hrs between feeds (this is a little bit long for this age) then offer another bottle at 10pm before she falls asleep as her awake time is a very long time to be awake for her age. Its a peace of mind thing also for you to offer this bottle to her, then she is getting at least 5 feeds per day and you know she hasn't gone too long with out a feed. At 9 weeks they should be able to go 7-8 hrs a night without a feed, but not really any longer than this, and that doesn't matter whether its bottle or breast.... time frames are all the same for babies.
She may not want all of her bottle at 10pm, depends on how much she is getting at each feed throughout the 4 bottles during the day.
As long as she is giving you 5-6 good wet nappies each day, then she is getting enough.
And if her weight gain is good, don't stress ! She is doing fine by the sounds of it !!!!

Good Luck

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

Hi Val

My 11 week old son sleeps 11 hours at night, from 7pm right through to 6am and has been doing this for the last 2 weeks. (so 12 hours between feeds as he is fed at 6pm) At his 2 month check up, he was 5.9kg and 61cm (I don't know how much he weighs now, but it feels like a bloody ton!!!)

I have not worried about him missing a feed, because if he really wanted food, I would assume he would wake up for it.

My son only catnaps during the day though, but is healthy, happy and very content. I have recently increased his feed to 210mls now as 180mls is not enough for him.

You could ask your ECHN if it concerns you.


on the formula tin, mine says 5 feeds aday, but underneath it says your baby may have more or less. It is only a guide. You are very lucky to have her sleep through the night at this age.
As long as she continues her weight gain and she is content, she is getting enough.

sam, sa, Chloe 07.02.06 Nicholas 19.08.04

Whenever we mention that our beautiful daughter is sleeping about 10 hours at night (which she has been doing for the last 3 weeks) everyone says that we are lucky and should enjoy it.

As long as you baby is healthy and happy I too would say enjoy it! I love the fact that I get a good night's sleep as it makes me a better mother.

I have more energy to do things with her and my husband.

Trust your instincts and let your baby decide when it is time to eat, you'll see that everything works out.
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