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A humdinger idea.. Rss

Hi all,

My baby had us concerned by making the most agonising sounds whilst lying on his back. We could not get him to sleep by himself. Was in pain on his back and we couldn't put him on his tummy because of the whole sids thing. We were having him sleep in our bed on our tummies, my husband and i taking turns. I was whining to a friend about this and she said to place him on his side with a rolled up towel in front of him between his chest and feet. Well, it worked wonders and i wanted to share this idea with you all as i know there are alot of babies out there who aren't able to sleep because of wind or other reasons.


This works on the same principle as the 'Sleep-Eze'. It is two triangular shaped foam blocks, covered in fabric and joined by a band of fabric that the baby lies on. The long one goes at the baby's back, and the short one at it's front. The only thing I have found with it is that is quite small, and the baby grows out of it pretty quickly. My first son was so in love with his, he used to cuddle the foam block against his tummy. (He would only sleep on his side, which is why we bought it). Good on you for finding a way around a tricky problem. And for free too!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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