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hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting my 16 week old daughter to sleep longer through the night. her last feed is any where from 7.30 to 9.30pm. and will wake around 1 or 2am feed for 5 to 10 minutes and wake again round 4 or 5am and again at 6.30ish for a feed. she will then go back for a sleep at around 8 or 9am and sleep for 2 to 3 hours. she sometimes has an arvo cap nap and is then awake till she goes down for the nite and is very grizzly from around 5pm onward. i know alot of you talk about a dream feed around 11pm, but i am too scared to wake her as i am totally exhausted by that time and am worried she will be awake for a while if i do. thanx heaps
Hi Moni,
I've only just started dream feeding in the last couple of weeks, baby doesn't actually wake up fully, just enough to have a sucking motion & get a full feed. I do this around 10pm, and baby goes down to sleep until around 6-7am.
It sounds like your baby has her internal body feed clock "stuck" to certain times of the night.
You can "reset" it, but its best to do it on a weekend if you have a partner or others in the family that could be woken up, as there is a bit of crying involved. It takes about 3-5 days to reset their little body clocks.
When baby wakes, give her time to resettle herself, if she won't, go in & resettle her with whatever technique you use. She isnt going to feel neglected because you don't attend to her straight away. Their crying can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, hopefully the former of them, but it is normal for it to be around the 20min mark (my son took 20mins).
You could also try giving bub another feed at a lesser interval before you head to bed, ie if your bedtime is 9.30ish, give another feed around this time, they won't take the full amount, but its more like a top up & gives you peace of mind that they have a full tummy.
At 16wks she should be able to sleep around 10-12hrs a night. I say should as every single baby is different.
Also when you say she wakes at the times mentioned, are you hearing her cry or is she talking to herself, or making "awake" noises ??
Jordan (my son) was waking around 3am every morning & I automatically went in to get him up to feed thinking he was awake. But he was actually in his active sleep state & even lets out a huge cry in his sleep that lasts around 2 minutes, then he goes back to a peaceful sleep.
I give Jordan around 10-15 minutes before I get up to attend to him, enough time for him to resettle.
If he is dinkum, then his cry is different and it will get more persistent towards the 10 min mark.
Only a suggestion here, hope it may have helped ??

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

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