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Great Day Sleeper - Poor Night Sleeper Lock Rss

Hello All,

My 14 day old son William is a great day sleeper and a poor night sleeper. It seems as soon as the house is quiet and we are all in bed he becomes restless, waking nearly every hour and crying and fussing. I have tried keeping him awake during the day, but he just goes to sleep regardless of what I do. I am wondering if this common and if anybody has any ideas on how I can encourage my little man to sleep better at night..?

Thanks in advance from this happy but tired mummy of 2 under 2.

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle,

My son is the opposite, sleeps great at night but hopeless during the day!

However, one thing I do know is that even if you keep them up during the day, it doesn't mean that they will settle better at night.

I guess the things to try and rule out are things like:

1. Is he cold at night?
2. Is he sleeping in a different position at night? (eg: flat but during the day in a rocker or similar?)
3. Have you tried a night light and maybe keeping a radio on low? I know that some babies love noise.

Anyway, you have probably tried all of these but there are some suggestions. Also, it could be that he is still so young and over the next few weeks he may adjust. Must be hard though. Good luck.

Hi Michelle,

When Julia was William's age, she would only stay awake for 1 hour, including being fed, and then would be back to sleep til the next feed. Like you,....she also began waking every couple of hours in the night. I's very tiring! (that's an understatement!!)
I ended up sleeping Julia on her side and we give her a dummy too to settle her quickly off to sleep. She's not that great at keeping her dummy in so we've put a pair of her socks rolled up behind the dummy to keep her dummy close by her, and we don't have much trouble now.
But as for the waking up....I don't really have many suggestions....I think Julia must've mostly just grown out of it. But maybe you could try wrapping or not wrapping, changing the sleeping position, or even putting him to sleep with you in bed if you're happy with that issue. And...don't worry, it's bound to get better as he grows up a bit. Julia still wakes up once or twice during the night, but it is getting better I hope! smile Sometimes you just wish they were born as 1year olds don't you??? I do!
Don't think I've helped much,
I'll keep thinking,

I don't think I will be able to help too much, but it seems a common thing for new ones to be like that. It has taken my little girl a little while to sleep better at night. Their bodies don't seem to understand night or day and it takes awhile for them to get into a good day night routine. Aimee has just started being really awake during the day and sleeping really well during the night. She sleeps during the day of course, but not all day. What I have is a day routine and a night routine with feeds. During the day I make the feeds interesting and talk to her, then after the day feeds we play for a little while, walk around the house together and talk and let Haydn have his play and cuddle and just keep her occupied. At night time I make things really boring for her and don't talk to her or play with her, when changing her bumb during the night, I make it as boring as possible, and with this she has learnt (i think) that night is for sleeping and day is for play!

Though am guessing since this is number 2, you probably have heard all this!

Hi Michelle,

My boy is 15 days old and for the last three days has turned from a content 3-5 hour sleeper and a content little baby to one that if we are lucky sleeps 1/2 an hour whether day or night! I've had a huge cry tonight and a huge shower (hoping I might drown) - yes it's starting to get on top of me gasp( But it seems that a lot of babies go through this and hopefully he will grow out of this stage.

Well I'm off to the doctor with him this week to make sure it's not reflux - as he settles well sleeping on my or my husband's chest but not his cot and has been a little chucky lately. I know I can't help but I can listen (read) and sympathise with you! I wish you well gasp)

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

Hi Mary Lily,

I know you were writing to Michelle, but I thought I might add my bit here too, cos it sounds like you're finding it hard at the moment.

Have you had a look at the web pages on "Your Baby's Sleep" here on the Huggies website? I was having a problem settling my little one when she was your son's age, and I found the information there very helpful indeed. I also had been beginning to think that my baby had reflux, but she doesn't, we just needed to get her sleeping right.

I did modify the information that I got from Huggies, I use a dummy with my daughter (she isn't good at keeping it in herself, so we put a pair of rolled up baby socks behind it to keep it close to her mouth), and I didn't wrap her for long either.
I sleep her on her side also, you just need to keep an eye on the baby that they don't roll onto their tummy, but at your boy's age, I don't think he's going to do that anyway.

I also agree with the sleep ideas page that baby should be settled in the cot to sleep, once you start feeding, or rocking a baby to sleep, you start a habit which is really hard to break, I have found the dummy hard to get rid of also, but at least it is something that my baby can use herself, and I don't have to be right there for her all the time, so she can go to sleep.

Anyway, I suggest have a look at that page. Hope things improve for you soon. Please remember that it will get better, and even though it may seem at the moment that you're never going to get enough sleep again, it does get better, and you do sleep again! You just wait till you get a smile,...then you feel it's worth it!!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all of your great ideas!

The ones that have worked really well for us are lying William on his side to sleep... and yes we use a dummy! It was introduced to him in the hospital when he was in the special care nursery, so he finds great comfort with it... and it is my saviour too!

William is 5 weeks old now and sleeping much better. He has longer wakeful periods during the day and is sleeping for about 3 hours between feeds at night.

Being second bub, I should have remembered that the first 6 weeks are the toughest and routines will start to develop after that.

Hope things are improving Mary Lily... you are in my thoughts.

Hi Michelle

This isn't really going to help you but it will make you smile when you are up at those weee hours of the morning.

When I brought my little girl home from hospital she was doing very well and already in a good 4 to 5 hour sleep pattern through the day and night. Then at two weeks she was waking up constantly through the night and literally screeming the house down. But she still slept well though the day which i figured was from exhaustion from all the tears at night.

This pattern continued for a few days until one night i suggested that we give her more bottle as maybe she was just still hungry. I sent hubby off to the kitchen to make up a 60ml bottle for me. He returned a short time later with a 120ml bottle, i told him that i only wanted to try her on 60mls but he replied with "but i didn't know how to halve a scoop". It took me a little while to work it out but...

I guess you can see where i am heading.... My darling husband was trying to be a big help with bub and as soon as he got home from work was making Ella's night bottles for me, unfortunately instead of the 120ml two scoops she was meant to have she was having a 120ml one scoop bottle ( he watched me when she was on the 60ml one scoop)resutling in the poor little darling being upset all night in hunger.

Well i couldn't be angry as he as trying so hard to help around the house but i will say from now on he is on sterlising duties and not bottle filling duties!!!

Oh and at 11 weeks Ella is back to sleeping her 5 - 6 hour block through the night.

Hope this gave you a smile

Mum of Sophie - June 01, Ella - June 04


The biggest smiles ever... grin grin grin

Thanks so much for that!

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