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What time is good for Bedtime? Lock Rss


My 11 week old boy has started to sleep thru again, but instead of going to bed at 9:30pm and sleeping till 5:30am, he is going to bed at about 11:30pm?!?

This is hard on me as I am already so tired, it is good in the mornings though cause he will get up at about 7am. Whilst I am grateful he is sleeping thru, Is it too late for him to go to sleep? Am I setting myself up to have him go to bed at that time even when he is older?

People always comment and that annoys me, when I tell them what time he is going to bed they act all shocked, like 'oh no!' I hate when people do that!

It is hard when its your first, cause I don't really know if that is normal or whether I am doing something wrong. I am going to the baby clinic in a few weeks and will ask them there but does anyone know whether that is a ridiculous bedtime? Also, he hardly sleeps during the day either, maybe just in his pram or in the car but at home he is either grizzly or just sits up in his bouncer all day and watches tv.

Ashleigh, QLD, Mummy to Eli James


I can't really help you on this one but I do know what you mean. My daughter's bedtime is around 1030 to 1130 and yes, I do think this is ridiculously late! When my son was a baby he would be REALLY cross if he wasn't asleep bt 700pm. But then he fed three times a night and 2 times if I was lucky.

However, my daughter wakes up at 5am for her feed and then falls back asleep until around 830-900am. And on alternate days she will miss the 5am feed and sleep until 8am. You may think I'm lucky but I have a two year old son who goes to sleep around 10pm and wakes me up at 7am.........

When you have the solution let me in on it as well!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Up until I started my little man on a routine his story was very similar to your little man. The problem being he was tired but didn't know how to self-settle. I started him on a Tizzie Hall routine and in less than a week he was sleeping! She has just released a book called Save Our Sleep which has all her routines as well as info on feeding, settling, catnapping etc. While we tweaked her routines a little to suit both of us the basic routine she suggests worked for us. You can get her book from her web site of the same name or cheaper from Big W or K-Mart and other book stores. It well worth a read even if you don't want to do her routines.
Basically your little man isn't sleeping because he is over tired. This is the routine Jeb was on at this age...
7am -wake, feed
8:45am - sleep
11am - wake, feed
12:45pm - sleep
3pm - wake, feed
4:30pm - nap
5:30/6pm - bath
6:30pm - feed
7pm - bed
10:30pm - dreamfeed
This worked a treat for us and once Jeb was used to this for a couple weeks the awake time went to 2 hours with the same feed times. Jeb then kept this routine up until he was 6 months. You have to teach your bub to sleep. at the set times I would put Jeb in his cot awake and walk out of the room. When he started crying/protesting I waited 6 mins then went but in re-settled and left the room again. This part cam take a while and is hard to listen to in the beginning but bubs have to learn how to go to sleep by themselves or it can be a problem as they get older. The crying gets less and less each time as bub will learn what is expected of them. Jeb was such a happy bub once he started sleeping well and the better he slept during the day the better he was at night. Hope I have helped a little and if you can get a hold of Tizzie's book it's full of handy tips. Good luck smile
Hi my name is Kellie and i have a 3 month old baby girl Tianah and she goes to bed between 8-8:30pm and wakes again between 5-5:30am goes back to sleep between 6-6:30am mind you im wide awake then and cant get back to sleep. Then she wakes again between 7:30-8am and for the rest of the day only has 10-15min catnaps.

So i really think it depends the baby itself.

If you want to chat my hotmail address is smile

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