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my husband and i are having a discussion about our 4 weeks sleep routine. our discussion involves the use of a mobile. is it overstimulating to put a mobile on to help settle a child? or does this keep them awake?

i am trying the controlled crying, but my little one will go 3 hours of me going in, settling, leaving, crying, going in, settling, leaving (get the idea!!) and then it is time to feed again! he just wants to be rocked to sleep. if i do rock him he will sleep for 2-3 hours. i am consitent with my routine, but he just isnt getting it!

help! what else can i try! or is it ok to rock temporarily or am i creating a monster!?

From what I have read mobiles are not a problem until bubs are older and try to reach/play with them. Some people believe but that the music may be used as a sleep aid by bub so when they are away from it they might find it difficult to sleep without it. I have music playing in my bubs room when he goes to sleep but it very soft and I don't always remember to put it on so it has never been a problem for me.
As for your other problem. I wouldn't continue to rock as bub is using this as a sleep aid so when he gets older this may become a problem. It's best to teach bub to self-settle. How long is he staying awake for between sleeps? At 4 weeks he should be able to do about an hour and a quarter. He may start to show tired signs earlier but he might not be tired enough to sleep, only nap. The way I taught Jeb was to wrap him, put his dummy in, put him down awake and leave the room. When he started crying I waited 4mins (at this age, it gets a little longer the older bub gets) go back in re-settle until breathing calms, then leave the room again. Teaching bub to self-settle at this age will make life a lot easier when he gets older. I also used a routine which also may life a lot easier for me but routines are a personal choice. If you are interested the ones I based Jebs around are by Tizzie Hall who has just released a book called Save Our Sleep (her web site is also called this) you can buy her book from big w or k-mart etc and is full of handy info aswell. Hope I have helped a little smile
Hi Danae.

My daughter is 12weeks old and i begun using a musical mobile when she was about 4weeks old.

I bought a Fisher Price Musical Aquarium, which has music, lights, bubbles and movement (little fish thingos going around)

When DD was little i rocked her to sleep all the time or she fed herself to sleep. At such a young age i think it is hard to have any kind of routine cos they sure do have minds of their own! Gently I put her in her cot and i found the mobile helped at the end of her bassinett as she would stare at it with her dummy in (only used when she was 6wks old and above) and she would put herself to sleep. She did cry and i went through the same, leave, settle, cry with her. But you just have to persist and i hate my baby crying just like everyone else! They do learn and i think the best thing is consistency. DD is now sleeping through the night from 8pm till 7 or 8am and has been since she was about 8weeks old. She goes down without too much fuss now and i haven't had many problems.

Have u considered he might get a sore tummy? Makaia has colic (although pretty good now she has colic mixture) But i found that putting a folded towel under the mattress to create slight incline towards feet helps as is they have a bit of reflux when they are lying flat it helps! Since i started this she has slept a lot better and hasn't woken up with such a start as she used to wake up screaming all the time after an hour or two!

Hope you are getting SOME rest. Take care and if u would like to chat my msn/email is

Good Luck and keep perservering it does pay off!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.


Firstly, how frustrating for you. When my DD was 12 wks old we went to Tresillian(a sleep school). It took her 6 weeks to finally get what I wanted her to do. From then she would settle herself to sleep and resettle herself upon waking. So, you have to hang in there and keep trying. My DD is super stubborn and I just had to keep doing it over and over until she understood that I wasn't going to break.

Saying that, months later I reverted to rocking her to sleep. BIG MISTAKE!! Initially she would sleep for ages but that time kept dwindling! I am now back to CC and she is falling asleep within 15mins and staying asleep.

On the mobile thing, personally I wouldn't do it. Tresillian don't and when I asked if I could do it they said no as it would overstimulate. Maybe if your bub was a good sleeper already or could put himself to sleep it would be diff. But you are already having probs, I think the mobile would be sending him mixed messages.

I created a monster by rocking. Some people will jump on me for saying that but Danae, trust me, you don't want to bespend an hour rocking a 1 yr old weighing 12kgs to sleep only to be woken several times a night because they want you to rerock them to sleep.

Sorry for it being such a long post and I don't want to come across as a know it all but I have been through this for a year now.

If ya need anymore help etc my contact
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