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unable to put new born baby (2 mnths) down after cradling Lock Rss

My newborn baby boy is 2 months old and I'm finding it hard to get him to sleep during the day and through the night's.
It takes me ages to settle him!I would be cradling him in my arms for up to 20min-1/2 hour. As soon as I put him down to rest, he would start up again. I have taken advice and been trying the patting technique.. but nothing seem's to work. Also, if I don't pick him up.. he start's to get a really high pitched cry that would ring anyone's ear's.
Please.. anyone out there that has advice or any other method to help my baby's sleeping and settling problem. Please, it would really help me to have another mother's advice.

Mummy Lina, NSW, 2mnth baby boy

The self settling is the best way to go, yes it's hard to hear the crying but you just have to do it.

Wrap him, give a little cuddle/kiss, say time for sleep, put in cot, don't even pat just walk away. Let scream/cry then go back in 5 mins pat and walk away. No eye contact or talking. Continue till he sleeps. This may take 10 minutes or 1 hour. You need to be consistant. Professionals also say that it takes 3-5 days to change behaviour so try to stick it out because it will be better in the long run.

If the crying/screaming is getting to you just close the door and sit outside or go for a walk around your backyard where you can't hear or noise is quieter.
I know exactly how you feel. I've got one of those bub's who likes to be held, which I wouln't mind so much if she just wanted to be held sitting down, but nope, i've gotta stand up, which, I know after about 20 mins you get really sick of it.

Have you tried wrapping bub? This used to work for my little one when she was younger. Also I've found lately that when she's like that she settles really well if lying in her side. Another thing (which does only work sometimes for me), is to put bub in a rocker.

Best of luck, hope this helps, and hope you manage to get some ZZZZZ's...

Sam and Hayley and bub

Much to everyones disagreement I sleep my little boy on his tummy during the day and on his back at night. During the day he used to fall asleep only if he was face down on my chest and after trying to transfer him this way to his cot I found that he sleeps more peacefully and comfortably this way. I had the same problem, tried wrapping and he would just get more worked up... just something that may be worth a try if you are able to keep a close eye on him during the day. It may be that he doesn't startle as easily.. I'm not sure. But it works! A baby that sleeps easier and happily during the day is surely going to be a happier and better rested baby right?... It is also a lot easier to pat his back if he does need help calming.

jess, WA, luvmyboys

Asomeone else said, nobody will have the magic answer so to speak unfortunatelly. He is still so young, have you tried settling him in a sling/carrier? My DD would just feed and sleep all day if I carried her around. At this age they still really need their parents near. It is only our western society that places so much emphisis on independent sleeping. I see that you only have the one child, could you lay down with him? This way you wont have to move him when he is asleep and he will get the comfort of being close to you to drift off.

Quote"If the crying/screaming is getting to you just close the door and sit outside or go for a walk around your backyard where you can't hear or noise is quieter"

I find this advice very disturbing. Even if you are into CC there is a vast difference between a protest squark and screaming, Babies only means of comunication is crying. How would you like it if you were screaming for help and you were ignored? The only reason babies go to sleep after prolonged crying/screaming is that, instead of the fight or flight response to fear that adults have, babies basically shut down and sleep to conserve energy in these situations.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

hi. i have a 7wk old boy who from the get go liked to be cudled and rocked to sleep and when was put down would scream the house down. I was at my wits end. The nurse at the baby clinic gave us a referral to the tresillian residential group. Dont know where you are and they only have 3 centres in NSW all sydney based but they are lifesavers. You go there and stay for 5nights and have a nurse who looks after you and bubs and gives you advise. your partner can also stay and learn.Also get to meet with other mums having same problem. it help us out my little one now falls asleep in his cot, no more screaming matches to get him to bed and mum's sanity isnt being tested anymore. If still having probs i would suggest looking into these guys they really are good. they dont make you feel like a failure and really do help.
mummy lina
we had so much trouble with our baby and thought his behaviour was extremely unnatural due to his inability to sleep unless he was on one of our chests. I dont agree with letting babies cry because some books say it is detremental for their health and they can develop trust issues so we just persisted with different things until we found some things that work. These are the following :-
During the day we put him on a musical mat with toys and lights in front of the tv. He would go from paying interest in mat and then back to the tv until he gets really tired and then i move him to a swing chair and stand there where he can see me until he falls asleep and then the motion keeps him asleep until feed time. At night i breast feed him and then two hours later give him a full formula feed and this lasts him 10 hours at night. When i put him in bassinet i lower him very slowly and then keep my hands firmly on his chest and tummy so he thinks he is still against me and i have my face very close to him so that if he does open his eyes he knows im still there. I also keep a radio and night light on all night. If i want to go to bed early and he is not ready i lay him in bed next to me and read to him for a bit and then i lie facing him with one hand on his tummy and shut my eyes. babies tend to mimic our behaviour and he will usually drop off to sleep within about fifteen minutes so i leave him for fifteen minutes after he drops off so he is in a deep sleep and they i transfer him to bassinet and do the hand thing. It takes a while but it pays off to get a good 8-10hours at night. U may have already tried some or all of these techniques - if not, i hope it works. Good luck
Hi to all,
Ngala is Perth's answer to Karitane and those places, I had my stay there yesterday and its like \i have a different baby. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but is really worth is, I never realised how much of her general crankyness was from being overtired.
It does involve al fair amount of crying to begin with but with someone their talking you through it and explaining the reasons bub cries so hard it all came together, all of these things I knew in theory from the many many books I read and my problem was that you cant ask a book questions.
If I had been told that my bub would fall asleep on her own after getting quiet angry and screaming i wouldn't have believed it, so it was proven to me that they do fall asleep on their own,
Its no miracle cure and the problem isnt solved yet but im on my way and having a good understanding of exactly what was happening allows me to continue at home on my own.
I would never have let my bub get as wild as she did had I been at home.
Hardest thing ever, but worth it (for now! until she changes the rules.
Now on to helping bub sleep all night!
Good luck to all, I am more than happy to answer any questions from anyone as I was in the dark myself until yesterday.

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

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