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hey there i have a 2month old little girl name trinity and she dose not like to sleep day time but she sleeps 8 to 10 hours of a night since she was 2 weeks old any ideas?? or leave her the way she is smile

My little man was the same. Slept pretty good at night but most days could go ALL day without sleep. Trust me in that you have to teach her to sleep NOW!!! It can get worse as they get older if they don't know how to sleep esp. if they don't know how to self-settle. I never taught Jeb to self-settle and sleep properly until he was 7 weeks and I went through some painfully long days because of it. I started Jeb on a routine at 7 weeks which worked wonders for me. At this age bub should be comfortable feeding between 3-4 hours. So with that in mind work out some sort of system around that. Bub should also be able to awake for about 1.15-1.45 hours including feed time to be tired enough to have a sleep for at least 2 hours. This is basically what Jebs day looked like at this age....
7am - wake, feed
8:30am - sleep
10:30am - wake, feed
12pm - sleep
2pm - wake, feed
3:30pm - sleep
5/5:30pm - wake, feed
6:45pm - feed
7:15pm - bed
10pm - dreamfeed
This is only a rough time lin. I based this around Tizzie Halls routines (you can by her book called Save Our Sleep from book stores or off the web or big w/k-mart etc......well worth it I reckon) We changed a few things to suit us and it worked. With teaching bub to self-settle, when I did it I would wrap Jeb, put him in his cot, put his dummy in and leave the room. If he started to cry I waited 6 mins then went back in and calmed him down without picking him up (I just put his dummy back in and stroked his head or cheek) wait until his breathing was calm again then leave the room. I kept doing this until he would fall asleep. each time I did this his crying would get less and less and within a week or two he was self-settling very well, still crying a little sometimes but nothing like it was. Once he started sleeping well it's amazing how much happier he was...and me too coz I could nap during the day too!! Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hope I have helped a little. If you'd like to talk you can contact me on msn or e-mail at [email protected]

I have a 5week old baby girl and am glad to have read your postings because I'm having the same issues, and have the same questions as Nelsie, to Jebs' Mum.

I decided to follow your routine today 'Jebs Mum' and it's working well so far. I'm putting her down to sleep & teaching her to self settle by wrapping her up, putting her on her side, tucking her in & patting her and gently 'ssshhhing' ... i do this for about 2mins and then she stops crying (over tired whinge) and then i keep my hand on her until she settles right down & starts drifting off - takes about 5mins at the moment to settle her. The routines worked well today as she's never really had a proper routine - just feeds & sleeps in my arms during the day and sleeps thru the night after 10pm, waking at 6am.

Would love to be able to just put her down to sleep after a feed & playtime, without having to assist her. Is Jeb or other bubs out there doing that?

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