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Toddlers/Babies sharing rooms Lock Rss

Hi, I am pregnant with my second child and when he/she is born in March my DD will be 26 months. I was wondering if anyone else has had their baby share a room with their sibling or another toddler. We are looking to first have our baby in our room in a bassinet until it needs to go into a cot and then maybe go to sharing a room together.

Any feedback on your experiences on what did or didn't work and what you would change would be much appreciated.

Thanks smile
DS2 is still in our room in the bassinette and I was going to put them in together because I didn't see the point in having two little boys rooms when they will eventually have the same toys, decor etc. But we do have the spare room so now I'm thinking that I might give them separate rooms mainly because the rooms aren't all that big and I'm not sure how I'm going to fit a cot a bed the drawers and change table in there. But eventually I would like them to have bunk beds.
mine shared a room for a while and we have one boy and one girl it was when we moved and dd was in a room all by herself that we had issues with her sleeping. took a few (very stressful at the time) months to get her to self settle again but she is fine now. we are thinking about TTC again and wondering wheather to make the new bub share with the older sibling of the same sex or to make DD and DS share and the baby have its own room for a while.

i would try them both in the same room, but if its too hard with the different sleep times then u know u always have the option of moving them to separate rooms. if not all the furniture will fit you could leave the change table in your bedroom or the spare room. i think its just a case of trial and error and u just have to try all your options and work out which one suits your family the best. i do agree about them both having the same decor tho that would save a lot of money.

My younger two shared from when bub was bout 5 months and moved her into her sisters room (she was 2) and it went fine.
They are still sharing today even though they have the option to have their own room they want to share (too cute).
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