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17 hours of!!! Lock Rss

My daughter is 8 weeks old and I cannot settle her at all. I have done the feed, play and sleep method, taken her to the doctor, community health nurse etc. for help but still can't stop her from crying. It seems that she can't be awake and not cry. She sleeps through the night for about 8-9 hours straight in her cot, but as soon as daytime comes it's a different story.

She will sleep in my arms, but it takes a while to settle her once she starts crying, and occasionally she will fall asleep in her bouncer (it vibrates) but other than that, she will not sleep during the day at all. She has cried today for about 17 hours - unless I've nursed her. I have two other children and am becoming extremely distressed by all the crying and my inability to get her to settle by herself in her cot and get to sleep. Our lives are in total disarray because everything is concentrated on getting her to sleep.

If anyone has any other methods of getting my bub to sleep during the day, other than the feed, play and sleep method etc. than I would really appreciate your help. I am at the end of my tether. Thanks, Judith

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

hi loriella,
wow, what a stressful situation! my DS cried for 9 hours once straight, but he was constipated!
i only have a couple of suggestions, but hopefully you will heaps more!
i had a sleep consultant come into my home to help me. there are also sleep schools (they also have 24 hour hotlines). but they take time. for something immediate i found my fisher price cradle swing to be a godsend! it has two options for swinging, side to side and back and forth (depending on what your baby likes best). my ds loves the constant moving and he also likes the mobile and light that go around. he also responds well to the ocean waves sound (like the womb??). it is wonderful for when you need a break and it is very relaxing. i dont let my ds sleep in it, but i know he would if i left him.
other people often suggest slings/baby pouches. your baby gets your movement and can be close, but you have both hands free.
you could go for a walk in the pram or go for a car ride? sometimes that can work.
a hot bath and massage? CD?? i ordered "sounds for silence" on net and although strange, it holds my DS attention and he stops crying. i also have a "music for dreaming" cd that he sleeps to.
i hope you have lots of support for this time and hope you get some more ideas soon!
good luck!

Hi Judith, I am so sorry to hear of your situation. My little son (who is 9 weeks) used to cry often when I was not holding him and he did not like to be put down for playtime and would scream when I put him in his cot - he used to have a lot of wind!!! Are you breastfeeding or bottlefeeding your daughter?? I found that certain foods that I ate went through my breast milk and made my son's wind worse, hence he could not settle and could not sleep. I thought it could be slight reflux and on the internet it suggested to cut down on or cut out dairy products, so I did this and hey presto!! he is so much better and seems to be able to bring his wind up well. Also I was not always offering him both sides of the breast so I think half the time he was still hungry. I have extended his day feeds to 3 hourly as before he was just snacking and it was only making matters worse. I am too doing the feed, play, sleep method and it does seem to be getting better. Also my son has a dummy and that seems to do the trick when he is tired and grizzly as sometimes he only just needs the comfort of the sucking motion. I do agree that putting your daughter in the pram and going for a walk helps, more so for yourself as it gets you out of the house, as I do this most afternoons with my son and he seems to really enjoy it. The only other option is taking her for a drive around the block and seeing is she falls asleep in the car. I really hope that some of the advice that is coming your way will help!! Keep us all informed.

QLD, 1st child

Hi Judith, I'm a mother of three girls 3yrs, 2yrs, & 4mths. Your baby sounds just like my 3yrs old when she was the same age. In the end a stopped trying to get her to sleep through the day and just sat her any where she liked. Since then she has never sleep through the day. But good at night and it just worked for us. My 4mth old will only sleep in her bouncer through the day, only same times with the vibrate on, and will not have anything to do with her cot. I hope this helps good luck from Mel

Mel, mum of Aeren 09/02, Matilda, 04/04,Lucy 01/06

how are u ?
hows ur bub doing today ?

since day one i have used music as sleep time. obvisouly being relaxing tranquility kinda music. it relaxed bubs and help them nod off to sleep......and you can turn it off at night when u go to bed......

have u tried a relaxing bath before bedtime ?

i remember when my bub wouldn't sleep.....and im i single mum, i think i went without dinner for about 2weeks. haha. try all different methods, sing, talk, pat, rub her back etc.
ensure u are spending enough time with ur bub during the day and not doing to many household chores.
maybe she has oral thrush ? have u taken her to the doctor's recently ?
is she pulling at her ears at all ?

Danni, WA,

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