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10 weeks old and waking up every two hours at night Lock Rss


Can anyone help? give suggestion to what should I do? My Nathania is 10 weeks this week, she is quite a big girl at least over 6Kg and always feed every 2 hours throughout the day. I tried to feed her longer but never work, the longest is 2.5hrs.

Eversince I introduce the self settling to her, she sleeps much better during the day, about 4xone hour sleep (she used to cat nap max 30 mins throughout the day). However eversince she sleeps better during the day, night time is getting worse. She is now back to square one, would sleep from 7 or 8 at night then wake up at 12ish after that every two hours. I tried to resettle her without feeding but she kept crying. Sometime at 7 when i put her down to sleep, she wake up after an hour but would resettle after whinging.

Can anyone tell me what should I do to keep her sleep throughout the night? I am getting so exhausted everyday.

Also when is growth spurt occur?


I think there is probably more to this, but am going by what's been said. Have you tried controlled crying. I know some people say that this could be too young, but she seems to have taken to the self settling during the day. It honestly will seem longer than what it actually is - and will probably be a horrible 2-3 days for you. But if anything works, it might be worth just leaving her?

There is heaps to take into account, like do you change her nappy every feed? Have you tried rocking her back off to sleep rather than having 4x 1hour sleeps? maybe there is too many feeds and she wants a bit more for a certain feed. It is hard to tell. Does she have a dummy? does the dummy just fall out? does she really need the feeds at night or just re-settling?

Sorry i cant help more. But i would try the controlled crying if nothing else is working. It does seem like forever - but make sure your partner knows whats going on and how your feeling about it. Dont be affraid to have a cry, because often we as mothers dont know EVERYTHING thats wrong with the child when its crying. Dad's seem to look at us as if to say - well.. off you go, fix it?! but its not that simple. Have a sholder to cry on, because it could be a tuff 2-3days if you try controlled crying.


Leiaxx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi, My son Noah is 11 weeks and he is a big baby too, he weighs about 5.2kg, he loves his milk, i feed Noah every 3 hours during the day and he has his last bottle at 5-6pm and wakes at midnight for a feed then he was waking every 2.5-3 hours for more food, i started to offer water or his dummy instead, he didnt like that very much, he had a few good nights where he slept from midnight till 4-5am, but then goes back to his 3-4am wake up. My grandmother says i should start to offer him some solids (eg.Baby Rice) aswell as his milk just before bedtime so he has a full belly for bed time. I am going to ask my health nurse next week if it will be okay to offer him solids at this age. Maybe if he is full he might sleep longer. Well its worth asking about, i will let you know what she says..
Good luck, i know how you feel.

Lisa, WA, Noah 22/03/06, Baby #2 EDD 17/05/08

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