My 6wk old daughter loves falling asleep in arms during the day as well, I also have a 20mth old and so it is hard to just sit and cuddle her sleeping.

I have a sling and it's a godsend for during the day. Once I have fed, burped and she has had a little play, I will put her down in the bassinet where sometimes she will just nod off to sleep on her own.

If she doesn't though, I just pop her in the baby sling and get about with what I need to be doing. She is usually sound asleep in minutes and will be happy there for a few hours. Because she is comfy and secure in the sling, I have my hands free and can go about whatever needs doing.

I have found this works wonders for keeping all of us happy and I'm not stressed about trying to get things done and having playtime with my other little one.