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can someone please tell me what a dream feed is?

Bec- Sunshine Coast, QLD, DD-Ashlee 26/03/07

A dream feed is when you feed your baby while he/she is still asleep, like usually when they have been asleep but you want to give them a top up when you go to bed so you at least get a little bit longer until you have to wake to feed again. Lots of people swear by it, my bub usually wakes when i feed him but he is good at going back to sleep pretty much straight away when i put him back to bed. hope this helps smile

hi smile

weve just started the dream feed and its going well, we give him a Lukas a top up at 10 and he sleeps till four, maybe half past instead of waking at 11, then 3 and so on as we feed him at seven before his 10pm top up!! has definetly helped for us. Lukas mainly doesnt wake up for it, and he doesnt normally drink more then half of the bottle but at least its something smile every little bit help for a god nights sleep i think smile

I agree, Peita. We do pretty much the same - feed Emily at 7, then at 1030 and she usually wakes up anywhere between 2-3. As she is only 5 weeks at the moment, I am expecting her wake up time to stretch out to closer to 4 soon. But you are right, a top-up feed just before you go to bed works wonders!

yeh its really nice isnt it that long stretch of sleep..... my little man wont go back to sleep after four mostly, he may sleep 2 hours on and off but is quite content to just amuse himself and if he does start to cry ill just give him a cuddle....... hopefully soon he will cut out the 4am feed but i think hes due a growth spurt in a week or so, so ill just keep my fingers crossed smile

Hi Bec,

Dream feeds can also be called roll over feeds, I feed my 10 week old at 10pm (without him waking) and then he sleeps till 7-7.30. I don't change his nappy or talk to him. I also feed him in his room where is quiet & dim. Sometimes he wakes at 4.30am but he either resettles or I resettle him without feeding. Baby soon get the hang of it, it's the Mums that need to be consistant with routin. I started doing this at 8 weeks, I also done the same with my first son and he has always slept well.

Rochelle, Mum of 2 boys
My dd#1 would not drink while she was sleeping, she would be too sleepy and the whole dream feeding was impossible! Sounds great if they drink though!
Yeh Lukas will sometimes do that too........ he will drink it to a point but if u take it out to wipe his mouth he either puts his lips together or jamms his gums together and you cant get it back in, its pretty cute....... so we just try to get it all in in one go

my sons is 10wks old and also wont take the dream feed I go in to his room and try to put bottle in and he just clamps his mouth shut cant even get a dribble in. I hope this does not mean I have to wait till hes on solids before I mgiht get him to sleep thru.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

hi Myrtle. is ur bubba easy to resettle?? maybe u could try changing his nappy, re wrapping him if thats what u do and then seeing if hell take it, maybe he just needs to be a little awake to take the dream feed. You might have already tried it but its just a suggestion that worked for me smile

Hi Peita
thanks for the reply bub is at the moemnt easy to resettle I have tried changing nappy, he does not even wake for this. he wont take a bar of being wrapped hasn't liked it since birth my eldest was same would wriggle until unwrapped as this was a problem casue he would wake cold I am using a grobag baby sleeping bag. I will just keep trying

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

i to have just started the dream feeds or roll over feed which ever you want to call it and my 8 week old has sleept from 11 till approx 6 for last 3 nights. I have been putting him to sleep in his bassinet at 7 and then moving him out of that to the cot at 1030ish and whilst transfering i pop the bottle in and he takes about 100ml. This os obviuosly just enough to keep him full. It's great I am starting to feel human again getting a good sleep myself. Lets hope its not a flash in the pan and it sticks.


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