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won't settle at night.... Lock Rss

Hi there,
I have a 6 day old bubby who sleeps perfectly during the day... for 3-6 hours at a time but when he wakes at night he falls asleep on the boob, but as soon as he is wrapped and put back in bed he wants more- or he just screams! I mean, he turns red and arches his back and goes off!! I feel like i'm up with him for way too long in between night-time sleeps (1-3 hours). Is something wrong or should i just get over it?
Also, he seems to really strain and tense up to do big farts and runny poos just about every feed, is this wind and could it be why he is so hard to settle?

Sarah, Vic, Jai born 19-7-05 smile

Maybe he has day and night mixed up? I would consider waking him in the daytime so his feeds are closer together. He'll get more food in the day which might help keep him satisfied for longer at night so the night sleeps become the longer ones. He may have wind or reflux - both of which would make it harder for him to settle.

My girl has silent reflux so she didn't throw up but was still really hard to settle and would never sleep for long unless really exhausted. Even in the hospital they couldn't get her to settle to sleep (when she was three weeks old we went back in for a week). It took about six weeks before someone suggested it could be reflux and we got medication for it! She would scream inconsolably and arch her back and twist and go red! It was horrible because it was clear she was in pain and I couldn't do anything. She still farts heaps (don't know if thats a reflux thing or not) but was waking herself up farting and pooing (it was that difficult for her). Talk to your doctor or nurse about it and see if they can offer any suggestions.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

hey chicky how are you going?

I know exactly what its like to have a big bubba! Mackala was the same I was feeding her every 1.5hrs for nearly 4wks and then Mum relised her problem we had to wrap her up that tight so she couldnt move, she would get cold and wakeherself up. You could also try more volume in his bottles like farex. You could try closer feeds during the day. More milk so give him more mls. Try gripe (sp?) water to help him burp, also Mackalas problem at a young age. I would say it sounds like he has colic but you cant give him any colic relief to he's 4wks, Im giving Noah colic relief now.

Hopefully we catch each other and have a chat

Look after yourself and Jai smile

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

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