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When do they get in2 a routine? Lock Rss

hey jasmine
look forward to receiving the info
thanx heaps

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Thanx Megan for your feedback. I actually found it encouraging to have a mum encourage me to persevere in resettling Rachel (our now 6.5 wk old) in her own bed. We also came home from a week at Karitane yesterday, and while there is a fair bit of improvement, part of the reason why she has been (and still is to a smaller degree) unsettled is because she has a bad case of reflux and she needs thickener (and sometimes Mylanta) to help ease the burning and stop the projectile vomiting. We fell into the trap of cuddling to sleep, going in as soon as she made a noise and putting in the dummy, etc., but we're back on track and I now feel more confident as a mother. Until her system matures, she'll still be unsettled, though, so we'll just have to hang in there and, as you said, persevere.
Angela (a vomity-smelling mum!)

Angela, NSW

Hi Angela

I too had the same problem (although not as bad) my little girl would not settle for a long period of time and unless she was being held. We have recently bought the "Sounds of Silence" CD (from Big W) and it is working a treat. Once she becomes sleepy we put her down in her cot, turn on the CD and off she goes to sleep - amazing. At first she was still a bit unsettled and would cry so I would go in and gently pat her back - she sleeps on her tummy and I have found that this helps also- until she would settle again and she would eventually put herself to sleep. Although she is still not in a rountine we are getting there.
Good Luck
Hi Angela,
Different story if your bub has reflux...that would be hard for you. Good on you for trying to let her settle herself, you are very strong!!
I was amazed at how emotional I was when letting my natalie I was thinking I was tough for getting through labour without pain relief and then little baby crying!!! That was the toughest part by far! Good luck with all the effort your putting in...hopefully the reflux will subside soon. You just have to do whats best for you and bub and whatever you feel comfortable doing!
Megan (a sympathetic mum to the vomitting smelling one!)
Gday again Megan. I'm glad to say that since we've been to Karitane Rachel has improved a lot (although she still needs the dummy at times during the day - thankfully she sleeps well at night!!!! smile ). When I took her to the paed last Thurs he put her onto Zantac. I was at first doubtful of putting her on yet another medication (she's already on Keflex to prevent kidney infection-she has a dilated ureter and we have to go for tests on 25/3), but he basically said that if it was his kid he'd do the same. The Zantac has really helped, but God does it taste awful! I don't consider myself a strong person, I just don't want to see our visit to Karitane going to waste because of the temptation to rock her to sleep. Hope to hear from you soon.
A slightly less vomity-smelling mum

Angela, NSW

Hi Angela,
Sorry I took so long to reply..havnt been able to access the net for a few weeks. Hope you and bub are doing well now that you've had a few weeks on the Zantac. Are you finding it helpful?
I hope you're getting a bit more sleep. I'm pleased to say that my Natalie is doing 11-13 hours at night...although I am definetly not boasting...took alot of work to do that, she wasnt naturally a sleephead!
I'd love to hear how you're going,
Hi Megan, my apologies for replying also. It's been very hard the last couple of weeks as my grandmother died suddenly on 19/3 (I was very close to her). The zantac has helped-saw the paed today and I'm trying her without it for a few days. This past week she has been unsettled again (due to all the upset, I guess) but I'm reverting back to the patting method and trying (???!!!) to wean her off the dummy. I'm glad she sleeps well at night-feeds 7pm, 10.30pm, 3.30am then 7am. It's the day sleeps that are how're ya goin'. But today she seemed to make some progress. Thanks for asking, I'm actually finding it encouraging.

Angela, NSW

I am SO sorry to hear about your grandmother. (she was probably more like a mum hey?!!?) I hope you will feel a little better soon, although it probably feels like nothing will make you feel better right now.
I hope everything goes ok wtihout the zantac, you are doing such a wonderful job and I don't even know you.
I guess all babies go really well, then might have a few 'off' days but I hope she settles down for you.
Hi Jasmine

If you read this post, I was wondering if you have a chance that you would be able to email me some of the sleeping/settling techniques from Karitane.

My email address is:

Thanx for your time
All the best

2 Under 1

Hi Jas

Thanx for your time to give me the information/website for Karitane.

I appreciate it alot

All the best

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