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Wind Lock Rss

I have a newborn son who is 2 weeks old, and over the last couple of days he has been finding it very hard to bring up wind. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is a good way or what I can give him to help him?? The poor little thing gets awful pains in the belly when he can't bring up anything. He is bottle fed too.
Hi Jewel,

Have you tried burping him half way through a bottle? When my DS was that young I used to put him up over my shoulder so that his arms were reaching down my back and his legs were dangling over my chest. Try to put your shoulder into his tummy. This seemed to help my DS bring up his wind.

I had awful trouble trying toget my son to bring up his wind, I tried infacol, infants friend, marina mixture, gripe water all to no avail. My mums friend suggested an old alt home remedy, make up a cup of chamomile tea and add 1/2 to 1 tsp to 50ml warm boiled water. It worked a treat and we havent had trouble with wind since.
hope you find something that works for you

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