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Breast and Bottle? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone could help me?
I am breastfeeding my daughter (born 01/09/05) and have read that it is a good idea to get babies used to taking a bottle earlier rather than later. I would like to do this also so that other people would be able to feed her later ie. husband, Grandparents etc. I have tried a few times with expressed milk and she has had no problems so far.
This is my dilema...
1. Expressing is time consuming and I don't want it to interfere with regular feeds or distrupt my milk supply, ie. I don't want to express between feeds and then not have enough for the next feed. Or express one breast while feeding and then have her want that milk.
2. If one was to express a whole feed which is the best one (time of the day?) to do and/or which is the best feed to give in a bottle.
3. Is it possible to give a bottle of formula without disrupting my milk supply too much. Or give formula occasionally?
4. If anyone does give their baby one (or more) feeds of formula do you get the "constipation" problem I have read about?
Any experiences people have had or any advice would be very interesting.
hi toni
i was told that urmilk supply replenishes every half an hour from the end of a feed, so if bub wanted to have full feeds every hour she could. I also am trying to keep up my milk supply and i have been giving dylan a bottle every now and then since he was born. SOmetimes i am just too sore so i use formula but mostly i give him the breast milk in a bottle and express at the same time. If i give him formula i express then and feed him next. i always feedor express every 3-4 hours to make sure i keep up with dylands needs.
I dont know if this helps or not but thats what i do.
I used formula and breast milk ( not at thes ame time though) with my first son., I am now wondering if its ok to use boht at once in a feed as i dont seem to have enough milk.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

If your baby is sleeping at length in the night then I suggest you get up between those feeds and express then if you are engorged. My son (14 weeks) will go for 10 hrs between feeds at night so I expressed 250 mls over 2 nights, froze it and thawed later in the week for my husband to feed him when I went out. Only problem, he hadn't had a bottle for about 5 weeks and didn't want to know about it. So if you do want to give a bottle occassionally then do it now rather than later. I also had to comp feed in the early weeks and it is ok to mix formula and bm as long as you offer the breast first and top up with formula bottle. As for the constipation if u r only formula feeding occassionally then I can't imagine it wouold cause too much of a problem. Good luck with it all.


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