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Breast Milk Regulating Lock Rss


i have an almost 8 week sold bub and think my milk supply has regulated however my breasts rnt filling up as such they feel limp all the time and used to be really firm before each food. I used to be able to feed Montanna then express one or two 120ml bottles. Now i can only manage 60 mls of expressed milk and thats her feed!!!! Im worries she isnt growing as she still fits into 0000-00000 clothing. I am going to get her weighed tomorrow but just wondering if anyone had similar situation had to give her formula last ngiht so she could sleep poor thing was sarving ate it in 5 mintues.and that was 125mls.
Hi Sara,
I'm no expert but I know it is normal for your boobs to lose the full feeling and also really common to find expressing much more difficult as your bub gets older. Apparently the amount you can express rarely reflects the amount your baby is getting. Babies are much more efficient at retrieving milk. Saying that I was also concerned for exactly the same reasons as you- I lost the full feeling, couldn't express well and had a kinda little baby. My mothercraft nurse recommended a herbal supplement called fenugreek which I have been taking for a few weeks and it is fantastic. My boobs are feeling a little fuller (still not like the early days) and my baby is on the breast for much longer and putting on more weight than ever (she is 4 mths).
FENUGREEK is really great and if nothing else gives me peace of mind. You can buy it at pharmacies and is widely accepted as a succesful way to increase your supply, I know some girls whose doctors have recommended it.
Good luck
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