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Constipation and S26 formula Lock Rss

i know there is a few posts on this but i gotta be quick cause Mr 14 mths demanding my full attention! lol
My son Dylan is 8 weeks and breastfed, but occasionally we give him a forlula bottle and the last weeknd we had he was fully bottle fed as he stayed at MIl cause i had to go away vernight. He hasnt done a poo since fri! he doesnt seem to be in pain though last night he did need his dummy fpr sleep which is unusual and only used normally when he needs comfrtong so i think it might be a prob. He nor ally poos 2-3 times on breast milk and he has been breast fed since sunday afternoon. I am beginning to think ts the S26 brad. I have tried SMA which is made by wyheth who make S26 and i ahve used a lactose free by S26.
What formula do u use and hwat experiences have u had with certain brands? I have read a few posts about poeolpe saying s26 constipates, i winder why?
At least I know Mr 14 mth isnt constipated, he is letting them rip behind me and giggling hysterically!

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

When I first weaned Jeb onto the bottle I was using S-26 gold for the first two weeks and he didn't do a poo for about 2 days when fully on it. When he did eventually start to poo it was a real strain and he would scream bloody murder. His poos weren't hard and dry like when they're constipated more like peanut butter. I gave him a little brown sugar in boiled water which helped him pass it better but he was still straining. I was told his body has to get use to digesting formula so it may take awhile but after 2 weeks I'd had enough. We then tried Heinz but still straining with the poos and it didn't seem to keep him full as long so he started waking up earlier in the mornings for his feeds. Then we tried wonderful. Poos heaps better but I have to add a little rice cereal to it at his last feed at night to keep him full 'til the morning but other than that it's great. If your back to breastfeeding it shouldn't take to much longer for him to poo as breastmilk has a natural laxative in it. smile
hi i had my daughter on s26 from birth and found she was very unsettled she hardley slept and cryed often so i took her to the health nure and she recomended i change her formular. she in now on karicare soya formular and is much more settled.
the health nurse told me alot of mums have had probs on s26
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