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What does everyone else to when the bub has hiccups? Hannah gets them about once a day and they sound really painful. After about 2 minutes of her having them she starts getting very agitated and grizzily. Can someone give me any ideas on how to alleviate them ??


Janelle Melb mum to hannah 19-12-05

My daughter also gets the hiccups all the time. Did your daughter hiccup inside you when you were pregnant? Mine did and apparently if they hiccup inside you, they will hiccup when they come out! Just from what I have read the baby hiccups are nothing to worry about and don't affect them like they do adults. I have not found a cure, but if they get really bad I pick her up and they usually stop shortly after.

This is probably not much help.....good luck!


QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

DD would usually have a feed and they would go away, not sure if it will work for you though. I know they can really hurt me, especially if I can't get rid of them.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I was told by the midwife to give bubs a suck at bottle or breast when they have the hiccups. Sometimes they wont want it, but I've found that it just about always works.

Hi janelle,
jett got the hiccups all the time when he was in me.. they would last anywhere from about 4/5mins to 10 mins at a time and by then he isnt a very happy chappy. He still gets them neary every day too. after about 5mins he starts to get a bit annoyed and upset but, i havent been able to stop them., even putting a bottle in his mouth doesnt seem to work. i just try and let them finish themself. One of my friends told me that apparently if babies get hiccups it means that their stomach is getting stronger.... maybe and old wives tale.... not sure...
good luck anyway. sorry it wasnt much help.


my bub gets the hiccups after she feeds, My doctor told me theres nothing you can really do, but yeh, the dummy in the mouth can stop more air from getting into there little bellys and causing belly aches.

I love my babies .....

my baby gets them all the time i always give her a little water and that always gets rid of them

good luck!

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

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