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Formula Types Lock Rss

When i put my first child on formula we used SMA and didnt have really any problems. I havent read to much about that brand in here. I was wondering whether anyone has used it and what they think as it seems that Karicare is the prefered one. in the shops there are so many different varieties of the one brand, how do you know which to choose. I think thats why i ended up with SMA last time as I was at a loss what to get. Which Karicare type would you recomend.

Also Ive read abit about thickeners. What do they do for the bub and when and how would you know whether to use it.
I appreciate any help.

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Dawn,

Hoping I can shed a little light on different formulas for you. They are not all the same. Some formulas are designed to be very close to breast milk and some formulas are used for specific conditions such as lactose intolerance and the like. I am no expert but I did work in pharmacy for a few years and learnt quite a bit about the brand S-26. It claims to be the closest in formulation to breast milk. But I am sure there are others. Picking a formula for most people will come down to the availabililty and price of it, or one that was recommended by a friend, baby health nurse or doctor.

There is a web site for the S-26 brand that I can tell you, it can give you lots of information about baby health and nutrition...

In most cases it comes down to personal choice and of course if baby likes the formula and is thriving on it.

I can't help with thickeners as I have never used them myself, but I am sure they bulk up the food and make it easier for baby to eat.

I hope this has been of some help to you.

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