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Sick after having formula Lock Rss

Hi All,
JUst wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problem. I have had my 9 week old on SMA (which is the sane as S26) formula since about 2 weeks old and used to do about one power chuck perday. Just in the last couple of weeks she has been throwing up after every feed. At first i thought it was cause she couldnt bring uo her wind so she was being sick. BUt i have now added Infacol to every bottle to help her bring up her wind. I am thinking now that i should be putting her onto a thicker formula as she may have Colic.
I am going to ask my doctor and child health nurse as well.
What does anyone think ?????

Heidi 26, Mum of Jemma QLD

Hi Heidi,

I am not sure if you have already had advice on this - however the reason that you baby may not be coping with SMA is that it is the protein make up of the formula is different to that of all the other first age formulas on the market (which basically is why it is cheaper). It is more suitable from around 3-4 months. I would recommend using Heinz Gold starter formula (from a cost and ingredient perspective). It has all the key ingredients (including LCPS (omega 3 and 6) and anti-oxidents). If cost is no problem, than either Nan HA Gold or S-26 Gold Alpha Pro are great, as they have a better protein base as well as the LCPs.

I used to work for a formula company which is why I know so much about the ingredients (I did not work for Heinz - so my recommendation of the product is not biased by that).



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