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Karicare HA OR HA-AR?? Lock Rss

Hi i'm new here and could really use some help. My 2 week old son has been on Karicare starter formula since he was 2 days old due to me having no milk to offer him. He was spitting up quite a bit and fussing and our local health services nurse diagnosed him with reflux and changed him to Karicare HA thickened formula. He nowseems to be constipated but was already having very dry #2'sthe nurse said to put brown sugar in his bottle which we have been doing but we have had no success and it now seems that he is quite badly constipated andhas a lot of gas. I went to the shops last night to buy a tin of the thickened formula and bought the one which i thought was right but noticed when i got home it says HA-AR does anybody know if there is a difference?? sorry lots of questions!

Northern NSW-Danielle & Baby Seth March 16th 2006

Hi Danielle,

not sure about the formula difference thing, but i know what you're going through with constipation etc. I found with both my babies who were put on formula from about 2 weeks old that they sort of went through a transition stage of vomiting heaps, fussing and being constipated as their little systems adjusted to the formula. I know your little one is already 2 weeks old but it could just be that he needs time to adjust to the formula. I was told by my MCHN that you can make up their formula with 10% more water than you require for each feed so that they gradually get a bit more water in their systems to help with the constipation. So therefore if he's having 100ml feeds then you'd make up the bottle with 110mls water. 150ml feed would be 165mls water - does that kind of make sense?? I did this with my 6 week old and it helped her so much. Also how often do you burp your son? Not enough burping can mean huge spews. Even if it seems like you're burping him heaps maybe you could try doing it even more like every 30mls or so. I found this really helped my baby too. Anti reflux formulas will make bub constipated if he has a tendency towards being that way. I know my girls both did. Which is why i tried to rule out reflux as the cause of the spitting up so i wouldn't have to put them on it. Anyway i hope this helps you a bit.....

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Hi Danielle,

I have always formula fed my children and they have always had bowel problems. I have found that you need to put a teaspoon of brown sugar in every bottle until their bowel motions come soft then give them a spell for a few days and see what happens. Sugar only puts weight on at this age it is of no concern. Maybe you need a little more sugar. When this didnt worked i syringed 5ml of pure prune juice into them. This worked and it didnt cause them any problems.

Ceri mother of 4

Hi Danielle,

My son is on the HA-AR as he has reflux, there is really no diff but the HA is a little more sensitive on their little bellys.

My clinic nurse was telling me the other day that they are going to start brining in the HA formula to hospitals instead of the normal Karicare infant formula..

Hope this helps

Hi there I am not sure if your problem is fixed but all my boys were the same on Karicare. I tried all different formula's and found that Nestle Nan is the easiest for them to digest. I recomend if still having trouble try bub on that, I haven't looked back since! Hope all is well.....
i tried karicare and my daughter refused it. we used heinz baby formular and its great. my daughter loved it. its the right mixture . and she is healthy. she never had any gas or wasnt consipated . she only threw up about 3 times until she didnt have any more. i totally reccomend it. my freind used the same thing on his girls.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

The ha ar formula is for sensitive tummies and should only be used if you pead doctor give the ok

Kari care AR is better my son is on Karicare AR and has no problems but you could try him on S26 ar what good fro one baby is not good fro another

S26 bound my liitle boy up as kari acre didn't

GIve you son more water or go to the chemist a nd get coloxil drops fro constipation but as he is so young go see your ped iatric doctor first if the brown sugar isn't working

cheers K
Hi Danielle
Our 9 week old has been spewing up his bottles too.I tried the AR Karicare but he had difficulty getting it out through thr teat(even with a faster flow) and it seemedto bind him up. I decided to try adding Karicare thickner to the bottle. I added less than specified just to thicken it a little. Success so far. I also got a product called Infants Friend to help with the wind(recommended by my MHCN) it also seems to have helped the poo problem.
My doc suspects reflux but I'm hoping not as we just got through that with our 19mnth old girl. Good Luck.

Rachel,Vic,19mnth&2mnth babes

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