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mixing formula and breast milk Lock Rss

another quick question... i am using breast milk and formula to feed my 4 week old. i start with 60ml breast milk in a bottle then offer formula top up. does anyone know if i can actually mix breast milk in with formula and if so does the breast milk replace the recommended amount of water?? it is just getting difficult to prepare two bottles each feed and wondering if there is an easier way...!

my little man is almost 5.5 kilos and when he has breast milk only, or mostly breastmilk he cant settle or sleep as he is hungry withing the hour, i just cant seem to fill him up with my liquid gold!

just in case anyone else has wondered about this, i asked the baby nurse at the clinic today who said that it is fine to mix breast milk and formula together. i made mine today half expressed breast milk and half boiled water (total 150 mls) and added correct amount of formula.
there was no chucking or bad wind, so i will use this again - best of both worlds!

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