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Which formula did YOU use?! Lock Rss

Hi ladies.

I am expecting DS in about 12 weeks, and really not sure what formula to use!

With DD, we used Nan HA Gold - which was great. We used the 'HA'variety because i had heard its easier to digest.

I had planned to use it again, but it is up there with the most expensive of formula's. Unfortunatly, money is a little tighter this time around

MY QUESTION - what formula have you ladies used. What worked well and what didnt??!

Hi there,

I breastfed for about 4 weeks only as I couldn't make enough milk to feed my little man when he was born. He was 10pd
14ozs. I personally had problems putting him on formula because the ones I tried on him he couldn't keep down. If I end up needing to bottle feed again I'll be going with what i knew worked for my little man it was Novalac (for hungry babies). It is a very thick formula but kept him full for longer and stayed in his tummy.

For me it was all trial and error but glad the chemist gave me the option of novalac. I couldn't get it from any supermarkets and not all chemists stocked it. But it was def a thumbs up for us.

I tried a few formulas on my first bub (now 2) and now have a 4 week old boy, I find Heniz Nurture starter great! no reflux, no constipation etc. My daughter was oringally on the s26, she became very blocked up so we changed to this and had no probs. As for my newborn son, hes been thriving on it. Dont be fooled by the 'gold' brands/ingredients as this doesnt make a difference to your babies health. All have to be made to strict specifications. best of luck!
Hi there,

With DS we used SMA, it was cheap (about $14 a tin) and it kept him fuller for longer, when he went onto formula, i never had any issues at all with him. He had the same formula from 4 weeks old to 12 months old, and he went straight onto cow's milk at 12 months with no drama too!!! With the gold formula, i found they made DS very constipated, but every baby is different =)

Goodluck with your impending birth!!!

We use Karicare From Birth and then Follow On from six months for both our girls.

S26 Gold made DD1 constipated so switched her to Karicare, never had a problem so started DD2 on it and she's going great.

Its $16.95 a tin at woolies.
we used heinz nurture start for all of ours and had no problems at all.
With dd I used s26 as well as bf.
With ds I'm mostly bf but he has a little bit of formula.We use sma.We were using nurture but he hated it.The sma must be alot sweeter like breastmilk as he has no probs with his bottles now.


I started my DD off on S26 but this really constipated her. So I changed to Nan. But I think you have to try one and if it's no good, try another one. All babies are different and what works for one may not work for the other.

Good luck
i use karicare as i looked at the price it is 17.84 a tiun but it is worth it my son has not been consitpated on it like my prevouis son was on nuture plus that was not good he came straight off the breast with no problems no sore tummys nothing i just use karicare from birth not the gold 1 i have herd bad things bout it i hoped this helps
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