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ive been having problems with kaylas feeding, she is constantly vomitting after feeds shes nearly 4 mths and i dont think this is normal. Shes vomitting between each feed of 4 hrs its happens straight after her bottle she vomitts up her milk then after its more water based, could it be that the s26 gold is to rich for her, should i change her formula will this upset her tummy even more if i change formulas?
has anyone else had this problem with formula and what did you do about?
plus im getting really sick of having to change her about 3 times a day because of this.
thanks alot

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi There,

This sounds like a bit of reflux to me.. Have you been to see your GP??

My son had reflux and always vomited after his bottles so I know how you keel about changing clothes all day!!

I went to my GP and he told me to put Aiden on to a thickened formula, Aiden is now on
Karicare HA-AR, and his vomiting stopped after a while.. The Thickened formula sits heavier in their tummys so it doesnt come straight back up...

You could always try a thickened formula, I know that S26 has a AR (anti reflux) in a peach coloured tin and Karicare also has one in a Geen coloured tin.. Karicare also has the HA-AR which Aiden is on but its up to you what you try.. The HA-AR is more sensitive on their tummys..

Please let me know how you go..

Hope this helped

Doesnt sound like it is agreeing with her at all.

S26 gold is usually used by the hospitals for premmie babies - as their is loads of extra iron and other stuff that their bodies are lacking and to give them a boost because they were born early.

I used this till she was about 4 mths old and then switched her to S26 as her poos went green and tacky.

You wouldnt have any trouble just going from S26 gold to S26. As one tin finishes start the plain S26 Maybe give it a go and see if it makes a difference - it took a couple of days for me to see the difference in my bubs.

I was lucky enough not to have a spewy baby - has been sick twice in her life so far. So feeling for ya!

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